$5,000 for your Favourite Health and Medical Charities

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Join this Giving Circle for free and nominate your Favourite Health and Medical Charities.  We're donating $5k to the 5 Charities with the most votes - as chosen by you!

Started November 14, 2017 at 9:53 am Australia Health and Medical Research
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We’re Giving $5k to 5 Australian Health and Medical Charities as nominated by you!

Giving Circles let people who care about a similar cause join together to make a bigger impact – and we want you to experience it for free.

Join Australia’s Health and Medical Giving Circle and nominate your favourite Charities.  When we reach 5,000 members we use your votes to decide which Charities to donate $5k too.

We’re blessed with some amazing charities focussed on the health and well-being of all Australians and this is our way of giving back.  Click here to nominate your favourite Health and Medical Charities and let’s donate $5k to them!

How it Works:

  1.  Join for free and nominate up to 3 Charities.  Any charity involved in health and well-being, medicine or medical research is eligible
  2. Spread the Word.  Tell people your favourite charity and why you want them to share in $5k.
  3. We’ll make 1 x $2k donation, 2 x $1k donations and 2 x $500 donations.  The charity with the most votes receives $2k and the next 2 charities – with annual income below $1m – get $1k each.  4th and 5th each receive $500.
  4. Want to do more?  Donate to your Favourite charity when you join or via our leaderboard and we’ll add an extra vote for each dollar you donate.

Are you a Health or Medical Charity based in Australia?

Register your charity for free here to be eligible to share in our $5k Collective Giving initiative.

The Giving Circle FAQs

Can anyone join this Giving Circle?

Absolutely.  Anyone with a passion for the health and medical charities is invited to join this Giving Circle

How are the winning charities determined?

The winning charities will be determined by the votes of the members of the Giving Circle.  The charity with the highest number of votes, regardless of size will receive $2k.  The next 2 prizes of $1k each will be reserved for the charities with the most votes AND annual operating income of less than $1m.  4th and 5th will get $500 each.  We want to make sure that charities both large and small have a chance to benefit from our Collective Giving

Is there a minimum donation level?

No - this Giving Circle is free to join.  There's no need to make any donation at all, although donations are welcome.  Simply join, nominate your favourite charities and share with your network.

 What happens if we don't reach our target?

The $5k will be donated once we reach 5,000 members and this Giving Circle will remain open until we do.  The sooner we reach our target, the sooner we can make our $5k donation so all we ask is that people share the Giving Circle with their network.

Who are the Supporting Charities?

This Giving Circle is supported by a small number of Charities that share your concerns and passion.  Their participation helps cover the costs of MyGivingCircle.  As part of their support a maximum of 2 may contact you to thank you for participating and to update you on their work.  We take your privacy seriously and have the following guidelines in place:

  • Only a maximum of 2 Charities are permitted to contact you after you vote, regardless of how many support this Giving Circle.
  • They are able to contact you once only, unless you ask for more information or consent to be contacted again.  Your contact details are not stored for future contact.
  • They must be relevant to you and support causes you care about.
  • They must be courteous, professional and polite.  We hope you'll be interested in hearing from them, but if you're not, no further contact is made
  • They must abide by the Fundraising Institute of Australia's guidelines regarding contacting you, which can be found here

If you believe any supporting charity is not abiding by these guidelines we want to hear from you and you can send an email with the details to [email protected]

Votes Leaderboard.  Top #40 share $22k. Guaranteed Prizes for Animal • Disadvantaged • Medical • Other Charities

1st = $2k • 2nd & 3rd = $1k each • 4th & 5th = $500 each

Scroll or use 'Find my Charity' to find your Favourite Charity.

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The votes above are a preliminary count and may be adjusted up or down. A final count will be done before prizes are awarded. If you work for a charity listed above and are concerned that the count is not accurate please contact us

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