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Started May 2, 2017 at 1:57 pm Australia Health and Medical Research
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We’re Giving $5k to 5 Australian Health and Medical Charities as nominated by you!

Giving Circles let people who care about a similar cause join together to make a bigger impact – and we want you to experience it for free.

Join Australia’s Health and Medical Giving Circle and nominate your favourite Charities.  When we reach 5,000 members we use your votes to decide which Charities to donate $5k too.

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  3. We’ll make 1 x $2k donation, 2 x $1k donations and 2 x $500 donations.  The charity with the most votes receives $2k and the next 2 charities – with annual income below $1m – get $1k each.  4th and 5th each receive $500.
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The Giving Circle FAQs

Can anyone join this Giving Circle?

Absolutely.  Anyone with a passion for the health and medical charities is invited to join this Giving Circle

How are the winning charities determined?

The winning charities will be determined by the votes of the members of the Giving Circle.  The charity with the highest number of votes, regardless of size will receive $2k.  The next 2 prizes of $1k each will be reserved for the charities with the most votes AND annual operating income of less than $1m.  4th and 5th will get $500 each.  We want to make sure that charities both large and small have a chance to benefit from our Collective Giving

Is there a minimum donation level?

No - this Giving Circle is free to join.  There's no need to make any donation at all, although donations are welcome.  Simply join, nominate your favourite charities and share with your network.

 What happens if we don't reach our target?

The $5k will be donated once we reach 5,000 members and this Giving Circle will remain open until we do.  The sooner we reach our target, the sooner we can make our $5k donation so all we ask is that people share the Giving Circle with their network.

Who are the Supporting Charities?

This Giving Circle is supported by a small number of Charities that share your concerns and passion.  Their participation helps cover the costs of MyGivingCircle.  As part of their support a maximum of 2 may contact you to thank you for participating and to update you on their work.  We take your privacy seriously and have the following guidelines in place:

  • Only a maximum of 2 Charities are permitted to contact you after you vote, regardless of how many support this Giving Circle.
  • They are able to contact you once only, unless you ask for more information or consent to be contacted again.  Your contact details are not stored for future contact.
  • They must be relevant to you and support causes you care about.
  • They must be courteous, professional and polite.  We hope you'll be interested in hearing from them, but if you're not, no further contact is made
  • They must abide by the Fundraising Institute of Australia's guidelines regarding contacting you, which can be found here

If you believe any supporting charity is not abiding by these guidelines we want to hear from you and you can send an email with the details to privacy@mygivingcircle.org

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#1 of 117 Charities with 102 votes
checkyourtackle is a newly formed not for profit charity raising education, support and awareness on rare male cancers including penile, testicular and anal.

With 1 in 2 Australian men being diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85, it was noticed by our founders that most men’s cancers go undiagnosed, treated or discussed due to stigma surrounding men’s illness.

With an estimated 72,048 cases of cancer in males in 2016, resulting in 26,566 deaths, breaking the stigma is imperative in survival. “Cancer of Unknown Primary” or CUP is the term used to describe a metastatic cancer with an unknown starting point so the fight against cancer must goes on

There is no one I know who can say they DO NOT have a friend or relative that has battled this terrible disease.

Men's Health in Men's Hands
Cdh Australia
#2 of 117 Charities with 29 votes
CDH Australia supports families who are impacted by congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH). CDH affects 1 in 2500 babies and has a survival rate of 50%. We offer support services for families across Australia and support medical research.
HeartKids Limited
#3 of 117 Charities with 4 votes
8 babies are born with a heart defect in Australia every day. And every week, 4 lives are lost. There is no known cure.

HeartKids is dedicated to improving the lives and futures of those affected by childhood heart disease by providing life-long support, advocacy, and to give hope by funding world-class research.

$50 can help provide emergency accommodation for a family while their heart kid is in hospital

$120 can help our Family Support Team provide in-hospital support (in major cities as well as regional areas)

$200 can help fund teen and family camps that provide respite for our heart kids

$250 can help fund medical research in to the treatment causes and management of childhood heart disease

HeartKids relies on the generosity of the general public to make sure that these heart kids receive the care and support they need. Please give whatever you can to help make sure that these heart kids realise their dreams of a life unaffected by childhood heart disease.
Lymphoma Australia, Lymphoma Australia
#4 of 117 Charities with 3 votes
Our mission is to support those touched by Lymphoma, raise awareness of this Cancer and help support research for a cure.
With your help, our goal is to fund a specialist lymphoma care nurse in every Australian state - making a direct impact to those living with lymphoma or supporting a loved one on their journey.
Ovarian Cancer Australia Limited
#4 of 117 Charities with 3 votes
On average, 4 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every day; of these 3 will die.

57% of women with ovarian cancer will be dead within five years. There is NO early detection test and the Pap smear does not test for ovarian cancer.

Being aware of the symptoms is critical to survival, with 70% of women diagnosed at a late stage. Women need to take control of their health and speak to their GP if they’re worried about symptoms.

Ovarian Cancer Australia supports those affected by ovarian cancer, gives them a voice, facilitates research, and raises awareness on a national scale. We deliver best practice, accessible support informed by consumers.

Without government funding, we rely solely on the generosity of individuals and corporate Australia to continue our vital work.

With your support we will strive to reduce the incidence of ovarian cancer by 25% and improve the five year survival rate by 25% by the year 2025.
Advanced Breast Cancer Group Limited
#6 of 117 Charities with 2 votes
The Advanced Breast Cancer Group is a unique community based service that has been supporting women diagnosed with secondary breast cancer and their partners, families and carers throughout Queensland since 1999.

We offer a professionally led group delivered on a weekly basis, both face to face and by telephone, from our Brisbane office. This enables local and rural women throughout Queensland to access psychosocial support, to share their experience and overcome the isolation they feel. Every year, we deliver two workshops in Brisbane that bring together women involved in the weekly group, their partners and family. We invite guest speakers presenting on cancer-related topics as well as facilitators leading creative expression activities.

Women with advanced breast cancer are the forgotten face of breast cancer. They are not ‘survivors’ who can put their cancer behind them and get on with their lives. These are the women who have to live with the knowledge that sooner or later they will die of their disease. These women fall between the gaps, and the Advanced Breast Cancer Group has developed an efficient and effective means of bridging this gap by offering psychosocial support to find ways to live meaningful lives in the face of this frightening illness.

Your support will help us continue this important work.
iDareU Limited
#6 of 117 Charities with 2 votes
iDareU (Inspiring people with a Disability through Awareness, Empowerment Resources and Unity),is a not for profit charity based in Melbourne supporting carers of family members with disabilities and special needs. Unpaid carers are often forgotten in the community so we are extremely passionate to not only support people with disabilities but also the people behind the scenes who sacrifice so much caring for their loved ones.
We are passionate about getting local communities and families with disability naturally working together. When this happens, these families isolation and burnout are reduced and the communities see people;e with a disability as people first. It is a holistic give and take from both side - just like in the old days of natural community!!!

So, come on, iDareU to step up and become a part of making your local community diverse, tolerant and vibrant!!!!!
DANII Foundation
#8 of 117 Charities with 1 votes
DANII was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was only FIVE years old.

Despite having to prick her finger several times a day, to take her blood glucose (sugar) levels, and have several daily injections of insulin (and later manage her insulin pump), this talented young lady led a full, action packed life. She was extremely popular and excelled in many things.

A very talented singer – she was a leader of the Australian Girls Choir and had aspirations to make singing & song writing a career.

A LIFE CUT SHORT – Sadly all her dreams were shattered on November 8th 2011 when DANII lost her life as a consequence of Diabetes Mellitus. She went to bed a happy, beautiful teenager and never woke up.

She was just SEVENTEEN and had everything to live for. Her family will never, ever be the same.

Her brothers have lost a wonderful, vibrant sister and friend, her parents have lost their beloved and only daughter. People who knew her, knew they lost a best friend too.

This trauma CAN BE AVOIDED and the DANII Meads Barlow Foundation is determined to help stop another tragedy like DANII’s ever happening again in Australia.

As a legacy to DANII, the DANII Meads Barlow Foundation was created to help make a difference.

Help prevent the unimaginable.
Preterm Infants Parents Association Inc (PIPA)
#8 of 117 Charities with 1 votes
Approximately 8.7% of babies born in Australia are born premature. The Preterm Infants Parents Association Inc. (PIPA) is a Queensland based charity which offers practical and emotional support to the families of these infants born premature. Our goal is to raise awareness of premature birth and to provide understanding, information, encouragement, friendship and, where possible, financial assistance to parents of preterm infants.

PIPA is maintained entirely by volunteers, most of whom are parents of prematurely born children. We have seen families lives turned upside down as they rise to the challenge of caring for a premature or sick newborn that must spend time in a neonatal intensive or special care nursery. Not only must they deal with the emotional turmoil associated with the uncertainty surrounding the prognosis of their child’s outcome but also they are often faced with financial hardship. These financial pressures may arise from the need to live away from home for extended periods, from taking unexpected leave of absences from employment, additional childcare expenses or from the costs associated with travelling back and forward to the hospital each day. That is why we need your help.
Cystic Fibrosis New South Wales
#8 of 117 Charities with 1 votes
At Cystic Fibrosis (CF) NSW we have a vision of people living lives unaffected by CF. A mission to improve the quality of life for people with CF and their carers, and a goal to provide support services, education and research that will help people with CF. Please join our Giving Circle and help us continue our vital work.
Bowel Cancer Australia
#8 of 117 Charities with 1 votes
Bowel Cancer Australia is the leading community-funded charity dedicated to prevention, early diagnosis, research, quality treatment and care for everyone affected by bowel cancer.

We make real change happen across the entire continuum of care
Cure For MND Foundation
#8 of 117 Charities with 1 votes
Join Neale Daniher in the fight against Motor Neurone Disease (MND). The Cure for MND Foundation aims to raise the profile of MND within Australia in the hopes that increased awareness may lead to better care for those affected by the disease and increased funding for research into finding a cure. We are Australia’s leading independent MND foundation dedicated to supporting large-scale collaborative MND research projects, clinical trials, and improved care for all Australian’s living with MND. Every donation, whether large or small, can make a real difference in helping us achieve our mission of a World free from MND.
Diabetes Australia
#8 of 117 Charities with 1 votes
Diabetes Australia is the national body for all people affected by all types of diabetes, and those at risk of type 2 diabetes. 1.2 million Australians have been diagnosed with diabetes and a further 280 Australians develop diabetes every day – that’s 1 every 5 minutes…

We are the national “voice” for people affected by diabetes. We work to raise awareness of the seriousness and impact of diabetes and to generate more support from governments, business and the community.

We develop and promote type 2 diabetes prevention and early detection strategies, and work to create healthy communities, workplaces and environments. We work to strengthen care and management for all people with diabetes, developing self-care education and support, and strengthen programs to prevent the complications of diabetes.

A donation to Diabetes Australia is a donation towards:

• the search for a cure for diabetes,
• greater support for families and children living with diabetes, and;
• national awareness campaigns to reduce the number of Australians developing type 2 diabetes and diabetes-related complications.
Heartfelt Homes
#8 of 117 Charities with 1 votes
We keep regional and rural families together through medical crisis by providing accommodation near city hospitals. We hope you never have to turn to Heartfelt Homes for help. But if you do, we’re here to help, thanks to the kindness and on-going support of fellow Australians like you
JDRF Australia (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)
#8 of 117 Charities with 1 votes
The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s (JDRF) mission is to find a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications through the support of research. It is the world's largest charitable supporter of type 1 diabetes research and has been involved in every major breakthrough since it began over 40 years ago. JDRF was founded in 1970 in the US and 1982 in Australia by a group of determined volunteers. JDRF-funded researchers have driven the advancement of day-to-day disease management tools and accelerated the pace of research through a focus on three research priorities – cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes and its complications.
Coordinated Obesity Advocacy & Carers Help Incorporated
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Raising funds in order to achieve our dream of establishing Nationwide Obesity Super Centres of Excellence which will strive to provide a modified & safe environment for patients to receive the appropriate treatments to help combat their struggle with Obesity.

A Not-for-profit organisation with the long term goals of opening Nationwide Obesity Treatment & Rehabilitation Super Centres based on Specialist Endocrinologist Dr Nic Kormas’ program, ensuring all people young & old suffering from Obesity in Australia have access to life saving treatment & without prejudice.

Coordinated Obesity Advocacy & Carers Help Incorporated has been co-founded by Andre Nasr (Australia’s Heaviest Man) & is served by a Board who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in their respective fields. Many of which either were &/or are dealing with Obesity & Obesity related diseases.

Thank you for joining the team that REALLY cares on this journey for a leaner, fitter, healthier world!!!
The Children of Maasai Educational Programme
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
The Children of Maasai Educational Programme aims to provide basic needs such as health care and education, to children in the Maasai area of Kenya. We wish to promote a fulfilling and prosperous education. We believe the best investment for the future is in a child. Educating children will help save lives and will contribute to ending poverty.

The activities that the Children of Maasai Educational Programme undertake include paying for fees for children who cannot attend school due to financial reasons, providing school uniforms for those who cannot afford them, and a yearly presented education Memorial Scholarship. We have also partnered with Days for Girls to provide re-usable sanitary kits to girls and are now aiming to develop a school lunch program at select schools in the district.

We believe we can truly make a difference in the lives of these children. 100% of donations goes to the children and our activities. Yes, 100% of proceeds. A small contribution goes an extremely long way.
Angel Gowns Australia Incorporated
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Paws For Diabetics Inc
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Foundation For Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics Australia Limited
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Angelman Syndrome is a rare neurogenetic condition that affects every aspect of daily life.
Our focus is treatments that will improve the symptoms of Angelman syndrome and research that will provide a cure.
This year FAST Australia is preparing to run clinical trials that have the potential to make a significant difference for Australian families. Your vote can help make this a reality.
Harrisons Little Wings
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Emerikus Land Foundation is a non for profit giving parents & family's the gift of time by donating Cold Cuddle Cots & Memory Boxes to hospitals through out Australia & into New Zealand. The Covercool Cuddle Cot is used to cool deceased neonatals allowing the family time to spend time with the baby whilst the baby is kept cool
Benefits include:
•Parents get days rather than hours
•Baby doesn't need to be send to the mortuary for cooling.
• Baby is keep in much better condition due to the direct cooling.
• Parents get the option of when they want to say goodbye not have that choose made for them.
• Having baby keep in the comfort of mums room the whole time.
• Gives parents more time to say goodbye but more importantly HELLO!
Currently there is around 200/250 in hospitals but on the large scheme that is not many as there is around 1400 maternity hospital throughout Australia.
Benefits of memory boxes
•Gifting parents items for parents to Create memory's
• Making Memories are so important these are the only Memories parents & family's will have for their life time.
Kids Arthritis
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Everyday 1 in 1000 Children in Australia are living in pain, stiffness, swelling, blindness and sometimes depression and anxiety for something that they have no control over, Juvenile Arthritis.
Kids Arthritis is Australia's First and Leading organisation solely dedicated to supporting children living with Arthritis. Founded by life long severe Juvenile Arthritis suffer, Sarah Hammond and solely run by volunteers. Kids Arthritis relies solely on donations from the public to run our Australian First Education and Support Groups and Events for children, their families and carers living with Juvenile Arthritis.

In 2017 Kids Arthritis is leading the way in Australia for support and education of Juvenile Arthritis and our latest project and goal is; Project Arthur. Arthur the Kids Arthritis Bear is our Offical cuddly and supportive mascot who receives letters and drawing from all over the world from children living with Juvenile Arthritis. Through Project Arthur, Kids Arthritis goal is to give every child in Australia living with Juvenile Arthritis their own Heat Pack Arthur, so that their favourite supportive bear can really give them a nice warm hug.
Save Our Sons Inc
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Bears Of Hope Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Inc
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Still Aware Limited
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
At Still Aware our focus is to bring about much needed awareness to the tragic event of a baby born still.
- Every year more than 1700 babies are born still in Australia.
- Daily 5 babies are born still in Australia…that’s one baby, one family, every 5 hours.
- For every baby that dies of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), 35 are stillborn in Australia
Still Aware is the only not-for-profit organization in Australia dedicated to raising awareness of stillbirth. At Still Aware every dollar donated goes directly to funding awareness and education to bring about change. You can have confidence knowing that your dollar goes straight to activities that can save babies lives.
Walking on Sunshine Foundation
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Imagine the world of children who are born unable to hear their parents’ voices, listen to soothing music, learn nursery rhymes, or use language to communicate.

There are approximately 20,000 children and adolescents in Australia today who have a hearing impairment, and every year, around 500 Australian babies are born with a hearing loss.

Taralye supports children who are deaf or hard of hearing, and in 2016, we supported 6,500 children and their families. Our work in audiology, early intervention, and early-childhood development are all aimed towards realising our goal of giving these children the opportunity to learn, listen, and speak to their full potential.

Your donation can change the world of these children and their families.

Early intervention enables children who are deaf or hard of hearing to learn language and social skills at par with their hearing peers by the time they start school. A 2017 Deloitte study shows that every dollar invested on early intervention for deaf children yields a $2.20 return in terms of social, educational, vocational, and economic benefits. This means that they achieve well in school and grow into productive and gainfully employed members of society.

So donate now to get the kids talking.
Little Heroes Foundation Incorporated
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Little Haven Cooloola Sunshine Cst Palliative Care Assn Inc
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Angel Gowns Australia Incorporated
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Lillypilly's Trust
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
We support families in Qld who have children in hospital. We help to make life easier during family crisis
Young Leadership Committee
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
The Young Leadership Committee empowers young people with type 1 diabetes by raising funds for medical research, and running social events to give young people with T1D the support they need at the life stage that counts. Year on year we try to raise $15,000, but we can't do that without your help.

So invest in the next generation. Invest in YLC!
Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Zaidee Rose Alexander Turner – aged 7 years and 22 days died suddenly on 2nd December 2004 from a burst blood vessel in her brain called a Cerebral Aneurism. Zaidee’s parents, Kim and Allan, founded Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation not long after.
At the time of Zaidee’s death the Turner family had been registered Organ and Tissue Donors for 5 years. As a result Zaidee donated her organs and tissues at the Royal Children’s Hospital, as were her wishes at the time.
Zaidee’s gifts help save or improve the lives of 7 people.
Zaidee was the only child in Victoria under the age of 16 years and we have been told one of the youngest Australians to donate her organs and tissues in 2004. She was only 1 of 6 children nationally to donate their organs in 2004.
Zaidee’s Story is directed towards both children and adults so they can think about others who are waiting for a life saving operation and a suitable match for an organ or tissue. Think about giving this gift to others so they can live a better life and in some cases, have a second chance at life.
Australian Families Of The Military Research and Support Foundation
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
The Australian Families of the Military Research and Support Foundation (AFOM) is a Foundation set up by past and current serving Australian Military Personnel and their families.
Our mission is to advance the health and wellbeing of partners and families of past and current serving Australian Military Personnel.
We aim to become the foremost organisation in Australia that: promotes, coordinates and funds research that is not encumbered by political and/or Departmental outcomes and provide support for and advocates for the needs of partners and families of past and current Australian Military personnel.
We are soley run by volunteers, all fundraising money go directly to front line services for Military personnel, veterans and their families. This is also extended to first line responders, Police, Fire and Rescue, Ambulance SES etc.
Paced inc
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Epilepsy Queensland Inc
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Precious wings
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
SIDS and Kids Tasmania
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Asthma Foundation Of Victoria
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
For over 50 years Asthma Australia and Asthma Foundations have been the leaders in asthma health care and research. Asthma Australia and member Foundations deliver high quality support to people with asthma and their carers. We offer support, training and resources to the primary health care sector and when treatment is required we ensure patients and their carers have the skills, information and power to be actively engaged in the decision making process. We fund vital basic science and population health research contributing to national and international understandings of asthma and how best to manage the disease.
Can:Do 4Kids
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
The Orange Pigeon
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
The Orange Pigeon is a unique and special organisation and a symbol of hope, care and compassion for adults 18 years and older who have life threatening or terminal illnesses by granting them a wish or providing them with a simple comfort in their lives, giving moments of happiness and distraction away from their illness to help lift their spirits. The only adult wish granting organisation of its type in Australia.

The Orange Pigeon strives to create unique and unforgettable wishes or comforts that are tailored to the needs of each recipient. We aim to meet and, wherever possible, exceed their expectations, making the experience truly special and memorable. Every wish or comfort aims to provide recipients and their loved ones with a break from the realities of their diagnosis and treatment. At a time of uncertainty, spending quality time with family and friends or doing something they have always dreamed of can help restore a sense of normality, boost confidence and create precious memories for the future.

The Orange Pigeon is a non-profit Incorporated Association and holds a DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) endorsement with the Australian Taxation Department.
The Robert Connor Dawes Foundation
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Today, brain cancer is the most fatal of all childhood cancers. Few new eective
treatments mean that 80% of children diagnosed with high grade tumours still lose
their battle within 5 years. This is why brain tumours are so devastating. We’re all about
changing the odds. To make brain tumours go the way of the dinosaurs. To support the
science and in the meantime the patients. In just four years we have established ourselves as the leading charity
for young people diagnosed with brain cancer and have strong partnerships with ANZCHOG (Aus and NZ Children's Haematology & Oncology Group. The Federal Government is partnering with us on our AIM BRAIN Project which will ensure every Australian child diagnosed will receive the best testing and treatment.
Variety - the Children's Charity of Queensland
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Established in 1975, Variety - the Children’s Charity is a national not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to empower Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs, to live, laugh and learn. Variety Queensland (VQ) “fills the gaps”; providing practical and tangible assistance to individuals, families, schools and other children’s organisations who often have nowhere else to turn. By supporting children and families through equipment, programs & experiences, Variety helps children in need to overcome whatever obstacles they may face and continue to live a happy and fulfilled life
Variety Queensland offers assistance through its three core programs:
• Variety Freedom: helps children with the gift of independence and mobility in order to engage with community life
• Variety Future Kids: enhancing the capabilities of our children by granting assistive technologies
• Variety Caring Program: supporting our community health services with the provision of vital equipment and services
Variety Queensland provides support entirely through its fundraising programs. In 2016, VQ’s team of dedicated staff, volunteers and event participants enabled over $1.2 million worth of equipment and services to be granted to children who are sick, disadvantaged or who have special needs. Over 14,000 children were directly impacted in the last year
Scarlett May Foundation Limited
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Organ Donation & Transplant Foundation Of WA
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
The Organ Donation & Transplant Foundation of WA is a registered West Australian charity and operates as an incorporated, not for profit, independent organisation. As our organisation receives no government funding, we depend heavily on the kind generosity of volunteers and the ongoing support of the WA community to enable us to fulfill our key objectives, working to improve the quality of life of those West Australians in need of life saving transplantation.
As a Western Australian charity, all funds raised will remain in WA and go directly towards providing community education, promotion, support and advocacy on all aspects of organ and tissue donation in WA. This serves to enhance the quality of life of those West Australians in need of life saving organ and tissue transplantation.
Our organisation is fundamentally based on generating knowledge and awareness in the WA community about the importance of organ and tissue donation. Being part of The My Giving Circle will not only help us raise vital funds for the organisation but will serve as a platform to further increase community awareness about this important and life-saving health issue that is currently impacting the lives of many West Australians.
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes

Brother Bears
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Brother Bears aims to support bereaved families who have experienced the stillbirth of their child. We donate essential equipment to hospitals that provide families with the opportunity to create precious memories with their baby. We also provide packages for siblings to assist them with understanding and processing the loss of their baby brother/sister.
Liver Kids Australia Incorporated
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Liver Kids Australia provides support and education to Australian families who have children with a liver disease, are waiting for a liver transplant and liver transplant recipients. It is the only Australian charity to focus on liver disease in children. Approximately 1 in 10,000 children are born each year with a liver disease. These diseases can impact physical, social and academic development at various stages and many children have regular and sometimes prolonged, visits to hospital. A significant number of children will suffer cirrhosis and organ failure with approximately 50% requiring a liver transplant.
Your donation will help children with liver disease by:
• Contributing to social activities and outings to bring the children together.
• Improving access to peer support for families.
• Providing funds for necessary, but sometimes costly, appliances and supplements.
• Contributing to research into the causes of childhood liver diseases.
• Developing education material for healthcare professionals about diagnosis and treatment.
• Developing education material for families to help them manage medical, lifestyle, health and wellbeing issues.
• Providing funds for Grants to families facing financial hardship as a result of their child’s prolonged hospitalisation.
Transplant Australia Limited
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
There are courrently 1,400 Aussies in need of a life-saving organ transplant. Their only hope, and that of their families, is that a generous family in a hospital somewhere will say "yes" to organ donation.

Transplant Australia is the national community organisation promoting organ and tissue donation, and supporting all those touched by transplantation. Its vision is for Australia to lead the world in organ and tissue donation and transplantation – saving lives, improving quality of life and providing much-needed care and support.

Transplant Australia funds research, advocates for best-practice policies in the transplantation space, and runs programs designed to help those in the organ donation community make the most of the gift of life.
Peach Tree Perinatal Wellness Inc
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Communified (Inc)
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Perth Children's Hospital Foundation
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
SIDS and Kids Northern Territory
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
Telethon Kids Institute
#16 of 117 Charities with 0 votes
The Telethon Kids Institute's vision is to improve the health and wellbeing of children through excellence in research.
We want every child to have the very best opportunity to enjoy a happy and healthy childhood.

Our team of almost 600 dedicated researchers and support staff are passionate about discovering causes, cures and treatments for the illnesses and diseases that target our kids and young people. With top scientific minds and facilities, a reputation for being at the forefront of global child health research and a track record to prove it, Telethon Kids is world-class.
Yet we know that our work is even stronger when we work together. We are committed to collaboration.

Through your generosity, the impact of Telethon Kids can be felt around the world – through research that uncovers how and why kids get sick and ways to make them better; through the translation of research into better policies, programs, services and treatments to tackle the complex challenges facing kids and families today; and through training the next generation of child health researchers.

We're working hard to save and improve the lives of children, though we can’t do it alone.
Hunter Breast Cancer Foundation Incorporated
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Cleft Connect Australia Pty Ltd
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Imagine finding out at your 20 week scan that your baby may be born with a cleft lip and/or palate. Its very overwhelming and alot for families to process. Cleft babies from birth will start their medical journey until they become adults. The first year is very intense with medical teams and two surgeries.
Muddy Puddles Foundation Inc
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Muddy Puddles Foundation supports South Australian children fighting chronic and complex
bowel and bladder conditions requiring surgical interventions.

We connect these little warriors, and their families, with one another so that they can see they’re not alone in their sometimes very private and painful struggles.
Muddy Puddles children rely on the help of their parents and carers to help them to empty their bladders and bowels every day. They are very used to hospitals and have had more surgeries than most of us could ever imagine.
By giving to this foundation, you will be supporting these children and their families directly to ensure they get to have some awesome experiences that they may not ordinarily be able to have without support.
Some of these experiences include:
 Family fun days with specialist art or sport sessions for the children
 Overnight camps for affected children and their families where medical and therapeutic support is offered
 Play Therapy for affected children to help them work through the medical trauma that many of them suffer as a result of numerous and ongoing medical procedures
 Early Preventative Therapies to hopefully reduce the impact of medical trauma in their teen and adult years
 Break out groups for mums and dads (together and separately) to discuss research based interventions for their child’s complex conditions and to give psychological support where needed
 Maintaining and sustaining the connections made between affected children to ensure they are constantly reminded they are not alone and that their experiences can be valued and understood
Parkinson's South Australia Incorporated
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Fight for a Cure Limited
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The Shack Community Centre Incorporated
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Autism-Friendly Puzzle House
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We are a Not-For-Profit Association established with a long term goal to obtain funds and land to build a purpose-built holiday house for people who are on the autism spectrum and their families. We believe and our research shows that such a facility is needed in our area. Our holiday house, which will be named Puzzle House when established is intended to be a place where the whole family can enjoy time together in an entertaining but relatively worry-free, low cost and private setting, while still addressing the needs of a child with autism.
Cure4CF Foundation
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Cure4CF is taking action to create a future free of the devastating effects of cystic fibrosis for people living with the disease and their families. By joining forces with a formidable community, we aim to fund research to develop a cure that will be accessible for every person living with CF.

We invest in the work of a world leading Australian gene therapy research team to fast track their potential cure for Cystic Fibrosis airway disease toward human clinical trials. Together, we will be united in our fight against CF, and together we will win.
Mums Exercise Group Australia
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Surfers Paradise Anglican Crisis Care Inc
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We are a hub for many Government and private community support groups, such as the Homeless Health Outreach Team, Gold Coast Homelessness Hub, Ashmore Community Mental Health, Centrelink, Gold Coast Primary Health Network, Gold Coast Homeless Youth Services, Gideon’s Bible Society, English Teaching Classes, and Narcotics and Crystal Meth Anonymous groups.
We provide hot meals including dessert five days a week and a hot breakfast every Saturday including complementary sandwiches, fruit and snacks and hot and cold beverages; emergency relief assistance 5 days a week, which includes supplying food hampers, clothing, swags, food vouchers; financial assistance for many miscellaneous items such as phone bills, prescription scripts, schooling needs, travel cards and other extreme hardships. We also provide multi-support for those seeking refuge from domestic-family violence, with crisis counselling, legal and other referral, assistance with accommodation and relocation, provision and delivery of food, clothing, toiletries, toys, white goods and furniture.

Weekly services are provided: GP referral, Podiatry, Social Worker and Tertiary student facilitation, Counselling, Financial advice/budgeting, Centrelink access, Men’s Barber and Women’s Hairdresser, Beautician and JP. Free access to laundry, shower and toilet facilities with weekly addition of Orange Sky Mobile Laundry services, free access to Wi-Fi.
Humpty Dumpty Foundation
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The Humpty Dumpty Foundation is a children's charity that, for more than 27 years has been purchasing essential and often life-saving medical equipment for sick and injured children in paediatric, neonatal, maternity, emergency and intensive care units in over 300 hospitals across Australia.

Donors can select a particular piece of medical equipment to purchase from Humpty's unique "wish list" This piece of equipment is then delivered to the hospital the donor has selected and will bear a sticker for its life-span (10-15 years) "generously donated by XX" This provides an almost instant tangible result of each donation and recognition of the donor to all who use the equipment.

Humpty organises a visit to the hospital so that the donor can see their piece and hear first hand, the difference they have made.
Fernlea House Inc
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Fernlea House is a not-for-profit community organisation providing care for people with life limiting illnesses, chronic conditions and dementia. Our funding is limited, in fact, we receive no funding at all to care for people under 65. We therefore rely on the generosity of donors to continue this important and necessary work. Located in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges, Fernlea House is a pretty country cottage where we provide day respite for our “Guests” so their carers can have some time for themselves. Nursing staff are supported by our trained volunteers, who provide lots of fun, interesting activities and really pamper and spoil our “guests”.
Cure Cancer Australia Foundation
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Cure Cancer Australia is dedicated entirely to research. We identify, assess and fund the research we believe has the best possible chance of finding a cure. We don't just fund research into one type of cancer. We want all cancers cured. That's why we've been front and centre in the fight against cancer for nearly 50 years, and in that time, we've made over 471 grants to more than 308 individual researchers. To help us achieve this, we have a collective team of passionate researchers, donors, fundraisers and partners all working together to support us in our mission to Cure Cancer Australia.
Australian Anti Ice Campaign
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AAIC (Australian Anti Ice Campaign) are Educating and Raising Awareness of the dangers associated with the drug ICE, which is currently a growing epidemic in our nation.
We are inviting the community to unite with us in this campaign to “Put the Freeze on ICE” in your community.
AAIC have a proven role model program that has been implemented in over 8 states in the USA with outstanding results decreasing ICE/Meth use in over 8 states in the USA by 80 per cent.
Drug Free Kids have partnered with AAIC to help us implement this program nationally within Australia.
AAIC has a National Education program to deliver into High schools across Australia. Along side this we will be holding Community Forums to inform our nation of the dangers associated with ICE use. We have commercials, social media adverts and billboards ready to saturate our nation warning them about this highly addictive and destructive drug ICE.
Consider what AAIC can bring to your community. What are you doing about our national ICE issue? Have you educated your loved ones against this highly destructive and debilitating drug? The truth is ICE is taking lives daily... killing, stealing and destroying families and communities nationally. We encourage Australia to join us in the fight against ICE. us educate more kids on the dangers of ICE
27 youth a DAY are becoming dependant on ICE - the end result for ice addicts is JAIL, MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES OR DEATH
Only 2 percent of ice addicts actually recover from ICE addiction - help us educate our youth
Please help us warn our kids around Australia today before its too late -

All profits go to materials and equipment used to PUT a FREEZE on ICE
Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital Incorporated
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We are a group of vets and volunteers striving for a better outcome for Australia's iconic wildlife. Koalas, wombats, kangaroos, possums and echidnas and many other species of wildlife have suffered from car strikes, dog attacks, and most of all from human intervention
Previously many of our wildlife now
Being treated and released would either have been immediately euthanised or would have died a slow painful death where they were. Now they can be given every chance of survival and eventual release
We are proud to work with 3 universities participating in research into koala diseases and we Have an Education centre visited by old and young alike
We believe that the children of today are the custodians of our wildlife in the future, and that it is essential for them to learn to respect and care for these creatures
We also run an online kids club for the under 14's filled with lots to learn and fun activity to participate in
We have now been open for 2. 1/2 years and have treated in excess of 2000 patients at no cost to the rescuers or carers
We receive no Government funding and public donation is our lifeblood for which we are eternally grateful
Camp Quality Limited
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Camp Quality is the children’s cancer charity.
Our purpose is to create a better life for
every child living with cancer in Australia. Our
programs build optimism and resilience for
children living with cancer and their families.
Right from diagnosis, throughout
treatment and in remission or bereavement,
our programs support the whole family
by building optimism and resilience; at
hospital, at home, at school and at camp.
Our camps provide children living with
cancer and their families with an essential
break from hospital, stress and intensity.
They are especially designed to encourage
strength, confidence and independence.
Leukemia Foundation
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As Australia’s peak body for blood cancer the Leukaemia Foundation is the only national not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the cure and care of patients and families living with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders. We receive no ongoing government funding.

In 1975, the Leukaemia Foundation set its objectives for patient support and care. Initially established in Queensland, the Foundation now has offices in every state and territory across Australia and supports patients and families in metropolitan, regional and rural communities. With 213 dedicated staff nationally and in excess of 1,800 active volunteers we have an unwavering focus on reducing the impact of blood cancer and related blood disorders by providing free practical and emotional support as well as funding research to improve treatments and find cures. Our work also includes raising awareness of the impact within the community, including advocacy whilst contributing to the international blood cancer sector to improve quality of life for those impacted.

We rely entirely on the generous support of the community to fund our Vision to Cure and Mission to Care.
Perth Homeless Support Group Inc
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We have seen too many people needing help in our beautiful city and feel that this group can make a difference. This group was started by Ron Reid and came into fruition in Jan 20th 2014 during the summer heatwave. There are places the homeless can access water in Perth, but it comes out warm. ProAqua has installed cold water fountains but there is a small fee to be able to access them with a recyclable bottle. So Ron came up with the idea of giving the homeless access to this luxury by gifting them with a reusable bottle and a water card that they can return and have it topped up. He then started the Facebook group, to share his idea and see if there were others who would like to do the same.
There many organisations in Perth doing the best they can with limited resources to cloth, feed and support the homeless. Everyone can make a difference to a person’s day by buying them a meal or giving food and water vouchers to those on our streets. We are a group of people that believe and encourage every single individual to make a difference in any way you can.
This group is also open to donations, non-perishable food items, food vouchers, sealed water bottles and water vouchers and refillable bottles for the Pro Aqua water fountains in the city. Packs made up of toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, women's personal hygiene products and anything you would think was a normal part of life would be gratefully received. The homeless don't always have access to these kinds of things, so anything is going to be very helpful.
We take a hands-on approach to pursuing social justice in the community by responding to needs in practical ways and Referrals to other organizations that deal with homelessness.
We believe in the pursuit of honesty, ethical practice, trustworthiness, and accountability in all interactions, and maintain an openness to innovative ideas and possibilities.
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Suicide is the number one cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44

500,000 Australians have a suicidal thought every year
3,000 Australians commit suicide every year
300,000 people are left behind.

We need your support to help those suffering from severe emotional stress - every dollar goes directly to enhancing and developing support programmes.
Royal Flying Doctor Service Of Australia
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The Royal Flying Doctor Service is one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations in the world, providing extensive primary health care and 24-hour emergency service to people over an area of 7.3 million square kilometres.
Sayda Hearts Home Rescue
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Sayda Hearts Home Rescue is a non-for-profit organisation, which is run by several volunteers who share a passion of helping animal in need, giving them a second chance in life.

All animals taken in through Sayda Hearts Home Rescue are placed in loving foster homes.
Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Australia)
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"My dream is to eradicate obstetric fistula from Ethiopia. I won't achieve this in my lifetime, but you can in yours" Dr Catherine Hamlin AC - Co-founder, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia

We believe in a world where all women are able to deliver their babies safely and where childbirth injuries are a thing of the past. Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia has a very clear goal: we’re working to eradicate the most horrific childbirth injury, obstetric fistula – and we won’t stop until this is done.

In rural Ethiopia, where women have little or no access to maternal healthcare, they will be in agonising labour for days if their birth is obstructed. If she survives, she will almost always lose her baby and suffer debilitating injuries that leave her incontinent, isolated and ashamed.

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is dedicated to restoring the health and dignity of these women who have survived horrendous – and preventable – childbirth injuries.

Founded over 50 years ago by doctors Catherine and Reg Hamlin, these two surgical pioneers remained in Ethiopia following their initial three-year posting to continue treating these marginalised women. Today, Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is a healthcare network of over 550 Ethiopian staff servicing six hospitals, a rehabilitation centre, and the Hamlin College of Midwives – working to prevent the injury in the first place.

To date, over 50,000 women have had their health and dignity restored. Because of generous donors around the world, this life changing treatment is provided free of charge to the patients.

But there is still much more to be done.
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The Mark Grundy Oesophageal Cancer Awareness Group Inc (OCAGI) is a non-profit organisation that was created by Polly Grundy in June 2012 after the tragic and sudden death of her husband Mark to Oesophageal Cancer in May 2012. OCAGI was created as Mark and Polly were unable to find any Oesophageal Cancer specific support groups or more information than the few paragraphs they were able to find on international websites. Even so, Oesophaeal Cancer information was usually grouped with other Upper GI cancers, rather than providing specific information.
Epilepsy Action Australia
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Epilepsy is a seizure disorder that can affect anyone at any time. It is estimated that over 800,000 Australian’s will be diagnosed at some stage in life. Epilepsy Action delivers innovative services that increase awareness, understanding, knowledge and skills to assist people with epilepsy to optimise their life outcomes. Take Action Now to support our work and make a positive difference to those living with epilepsy around the country.
Smart Pups Assistance Dogs For Special Needs Children Inc
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Smart Pups Assistance Dogs is a dedicated not-for-profit organisation based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. We specialise in providing trained service dogs to assist children with special needs. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of children with autism and seizure related syndromes through training our dogs in ‘task specific’ skills. Our Smart Pups reduce stress levels in children and have a profound effect on the day-to-day lives of the child and family. These positive changes continue as the bond and relationship between child and Smart Pup grows over time.
The Cancer Support Group
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The Cancer Support Group takes over some of the additional costs associated with cancer to reduce the level of financial and emotional stress for our patients in Queanbeyan, ACT, South Coast & Surrounds.
Chapel Lodge Standardbred Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc
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Chapel lodge Standardbred Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc takes in Standardbreds that have retired from racing or who have never raced and give them a new career as a pleasure horse.
Soldier On
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Soldier On is a national not-for-profit focused on helping veterans and their families build successful futures. Our mission is to achieve the best reintegrated generation of serving and ex-serving defence personnel in Australia’s history. We believe the best way to achieve this is by offering a range of support, services, resources and opportunities to veterans and their families, including:
Mental Health Support Services—Soldier On is focused on providing support to Australian veterans who have been psychologically wounded from their service to our country and we have psychologists available in Sydney and Canberra, and we are currently recruiting for a psychologist in Melbourne and Perth. We offer evidence-based psychological treatment to address a range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma and stress related issues and pain and injury adjustment concerns. As well as individual counselling for adults and adolescents, we also offer relationship and family counselling.
Social Connectedness—We offer a range of wellbeing activities and programs to help veterans reconnect with themselves, their loved ones and the wider community. Some of social inclusion activities and programs we run, include regular coffee catch ups, yoga and art classes, Surf Therapy program, golf days, sailing days and more!
Employment and Education Support—Soldier On has partnered with a number of organisations to offer veterans employment, training and education opportunities. In addition to this, Soldier On also offers a range of employment and career services and resources, including career guidance and pathways, transition support and help with preparing your CV or for job interviews.

Soldier On believes the best way to support veterans and their families is by providing the right services, support, resources and opportunities to help them overcome any impacts from their service and build successful futures.
To reach more veterans in more areas across Australia we need to raise more awareness and support from our community.
Assistance Dogs Australia Limited
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Founded in 1996, Assistance Dogs Australia is the only national charity in Australia to provide internationally accredited assistance dogs across a diverse range of disability needs. To date we have placed more than 200 Assistance Dogs, free of charge, across Australia.
1 in 5 Australians have a disability (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2009) with social care needs far outweighing available resource. Through our work, we see first-hand the dramatic difference an assistance dog bring to their new owners, boosting long term quality of life, improving mental health and increasing mobility, freedom and independence. Assistance Dogs reduce reliance on human caregivers and act as a social ice-breaker to help relieve social isolation, anxieties and loneliness and promote greater social inclusion in their community.
Eligible clients include people with congenital or acquired physical disability who require a wheelchair for mobility, children with autism and our ex-servicemen and women and first responders living with post-traumatic stress disorder. We currently have 169 people on our waiting list for an Assistance Dog.
We receive no government funding, relying on the generosity of supporters to fund our work. The dedicated contribution of over 300 community volunteers provides a huge boost to the work of our 36 employees and national work program each year.
The Ice Meltdown Project Inc
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The Ice Meltdown Project is made up of passionate people that choose to support, create awareness and educate to the use of substance abuse. We are a community group that have volunteered since 2014 after seeing the destruction caused to clients and families with life controlling issues. We have not been given any funding from the government and have worked hard to support over 200 detoxes from methamphetimine use. We have made it our business to educate as many as we can to how you can support your person in recovery and the families. We have a nonjudgemental approach that has seen us succeed with many people changing their lives around all over Australia. After completing a family supported detox in the family home, the support from The Ice Meltdown Project continues. A twelve month ongoing care contract is offered. We offer mediation with weekly Doctor appointments, weekly therapy for the families and the clients, a gym night to encourage heathy living, Monthly BBQs that provide fundraising for the program that we ask for our clients and family to assist with. We participate with schools, sporting groups, and community groups on the awareness of using drugs and how they can be educated.
Prostate and Breast Cancer Foundation
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Support cancer patients at a time they need it most.

In Australia, our increasingly ageing population and growing inequality means that those who are most vulnerable – the poor, non-English speaking and those in rural or remote Australia are most at risk of not benefiting from the best possible life expectancy and quality of life.

CanCare is a supportive care program that provides cancer patients with one-to-one support at a time they need it most. It helps with practical support overcome treatment barriers, and offers emotional support and companionship to those most in need.

Our CanCare Community Workshops also help with practical support in health literacy, nutrition, exercise and counselling, with practical, day to day life skills.

Dogs For Kids With Disabilities Limited
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Dogs For Kids with Disabilities (DKD) is a not for profit organisation based in Victoria, Australia. Our Assistance and Companion dogs improve the lives of children and young adults who face a range of challenges (including physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders).
Vooey for Pancare Foundation
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Vooey is a grassroots association working with the Pancare Foundation to provide support for those fighting pancreatic cancer and/or upper gastrointestinal cancers (liver, biliary, oesophageal and stomach).

Vooey was the nickname of a staunch Aussie bloke, Bondi’s Blake Hansen a Watsons Bay boy originally. He lost a fierce battle with pancreatic cancer in July 2016, he was diagnosed in January of that year. We discovered something sinister was causing all his pain the same night David Bowie lost his battle with this disease. Vooey was only 44 years old, a big guy who was a big wave charger and marathon ocean swimmer. He suffered from GERD had had worsening back pain, weight loss, next thing his health rapidly deteriorated and then he was gone.

Widowed and childless I founded Vooey to work with the Victorian based Pancare Foundation to raise awareness, educate and support those affected by pancreatic cancer. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of pancreatic cancer patients, carers and their families. We can make a difference raising awareness and improve early detection. Early detection can save lives.

In 2016 pancreatic cancer surpassed breast cancer and became the third leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States. In Australia it is the fourth most common cause of cancer death overall. Current projections suggest that within 10 years, pancreatic cancer will be the second-highest cause of cancer death in the US and Australia as mortality and survival from the other four leading causes of cancer death (lung, bowel, prostate, and breast cancers) improves.

Pancare now offers patients and their families financial assistance, medical specialist advice, online resources and other support services. The Pancare Medical Advisory Committee is a sub-committee of the Pancare Board of Directors and advises on matters relating to health, research, education and scientific progress.

Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma remains one of the most lethal cancers. Over two thirds of those diagnosed pass within the same year as their diagnosis. Survival rates have not improved significantly in fifty years, with only 7% of patients surviving beyond 5 years. Research is starting to gain momentum but a lot more work is needed. My husband fought for seven months.

Please join my giving circle and help us make a difference to the quality of life for those fighting pancreatic cancer. Help us save lives by raising awareness of pancreatic cancer signs/symptoms, genetic predispositions and earlier detection.

Phangan Animal Care for Strays
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Phangan Animal Care for Strays is the only clinic dedicated to wild and stray animals on Thailand's island of Koh Phangan. From our small clinic, we have sterilised 4,500 animals and treated tens of thousands of sick and injured cats and dogs as well as the occasional monkey, bird and even snake. However, we are now at a critical stage in our evolution. We now have the space to keep more animals in the clinic post-surgery since building extra indoor kennels to help reduce noise-pollution for our neighbours. We see this as a huge opportunity but we don't have the resources to increase our sterilisation efforts unless we secure a full-time vet. We rely heavily on volunteers but a full-time vet that can work alongside them and sterilise animals consistently throughout the year would mean we stop seeing big spikes in the population, stop seeing distemper and parvo outbreaks, starvation, injury, poisononings and suffering.

Donate to help PACS get a vet so that we can double our efforts and end animal suffering.

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
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QIMR Berghofer is a world leading medical research institute. Our research is focused on four areas: Cancer, Infecrtious Diseases, Mental Health and Chronic Disorders. Working closely with clinicians and other research institutes, we are dedicated to translating discoveries into prevention strategies, new diagnostics and better treatments.
The Garvan Institute Of Medical Research
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Guide Dogs WA, Association for the Blind of WA Inc
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Tour de Cure
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Tour de Cure exists to cover ground to cure cancer. Through our magical, challenging and inspirational tours and events across Australia, we raise money to fund the boldest research, the most talented scientists and the world-class projects that we believe will have the biggest impact on cancer. Since 2007, we’ve funded more than 250 cancer projects and achieved 18 significant, world-class cancer breakthroughs. We’ve also helped to raise awareness about cancer prevention to more than 81,000 Australian school children through our Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy program.
Help us tackle cancer
Foodbank WA
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Foodbank WA help feed over 53,000 people every month, 22,000 of whom are children. In 2016 Foodbank provided 2.8 million kilos, which equates to over 100,000 meals a day. Hunger is a hidden crisis in Australia with over two million Australians, 1 in 6 seeking hunger relief at some point each year. Half of those in need are children. The annual Foodbank Hunger Report highlights that it’s not just the homeless and unemployed who are doing it tough but 74% of those in need are low income families including single parents. Also at risk are the elderly, people with a disability, refugees and people of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander descent.

While we have the scale and size to effectively fight hunger throughout the state, our Foodbank Hunger Report 2016 shows that there are at least 7,000 people who are being turned away every month due to the lack of available food. The need to bridge this gap becomes more compelling when you consider the benefits of ensuring every Australian has enough to eat. According to a recent Foodbank Hunger Report the return on our services include addressing immediate nutrition needs but also contributing to improvements in health, emotional wellbeing, sense of self-worth, social relationships and ultimately overall standard of living.

It’s clear that every meal provides people with more than just a full stomach today. It helps them and the community in which they live to achieve a brighter future. This is why we need your help. Join us in the fight to end hunger.

Childhood Cancer Association Inc
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The Childhood Cancer Association is one of Australia's key childhood cancer support organisations, dedicated to supporting children with cancer, and their families through 30 tailored, professional services.

The Childhood Cancer Association relies solely on the generous support of the community, to enable it to continue to provide vital services and support to families in need such as counselling, accommodation for non-metro families, financial support and more.

Your generosity will ensure every child with cancer in South Australia, Northern Territory and country NSW/Vic will have access to vital support.

Mind Dog
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We are a non for profit organisation that exists to help people with mental health illness procure, train and accredit psychiatric assistance Dogs.
We are Australia wide and have over 650 clients and dogs.
Our dogs help people live a more autonomous life sometimes getting out for the first time in many years. In some cases they help people either manage with out medication or cut down on their medication (under medical supervision). Our dogs have saved their handlers lives, in many cases.
We run on donations.
The Compassionate Friends QLD
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The Compassionate Friends QLD was formed by bereaved parents who recognized that their feelings of confusion and isolation were common to all parents who have lost a child of any age.
The Compassionate Friends aim to provide immediate and ongoing support for parents who have experienced the death of their child. We have the support of many professional people involved in this area of loss and grief. Avenues in which The Compassionate Friends offers its assistance include:
A Drop-In Centre situated at 505 Bowen Tce, NEW FARM is open Monday, Tuesday, and Fridays from 9.30am till 3.30pm.
Parent Support Meetings take the form of informal discussion with the occasional guest speaker. The Atmosphere is warm and accepting, no one is pressured into participating, rather, they join in when they are ready.
Coffee Mornings - Dates can be found in our bi-monthly newsletter.
Country Support Groups are established in many areas and we liaise closely with them.
Newsletters are published bi-monthly and are sent to all our members and complimentary copies are sent to new contacts.
Library facilities provide a growing collection of relevant books and CD's.
24hrs Phone Support - 07 3254 2585.
Operation PTSD Support Inc
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Operation PTSD Support assists the families of military and first responders. Specifically the families of those that have developed mental illness because of their service.
It is so hard to send your loved one off to work ( to war or to the streets ) and have them come home a different person because of what they had to do or what they saw.
Living with someone with mental illness ( PTSD, anxiety, depression, alcoholism) is difficult and impacts on the whole family. Often partners have to give up work to become a carer, and they become isolated, social excluded and often themselves end up suffering with depression. Operation PTSD Support provides regular respite getaways, and local catch ups all so these partner carers can get to know others in similar situations and build a good support network. We are national and also provide an online forum that is very supportive and informative. Regular Mental Health First Aid Courses are provided in locations around Australia at no charge to these partners to assist them to understand Mental Illness and give them strategies to deal with it within their families.
These are the people that are standing behind those that protect our country, our streets and our homes. There is very little ( in many places no) support services for them. We believe by supporting these partners we are enabling them to better support our veterans and first responders. As with many organisations we are just a small group of passionate partners making a difference in the lives of so many other military and first responder families.
Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute
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The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute (ONJCRI) is dedicated to finding better treatments and cures for people living with cancer.

Our teams of laboratory scientists and clinician-researchers work hand in hand to ensure that we tackle the most pressing needs that improve every patient’s cancer journey. Our research programs impact on brain, breast, melanoma, stomach, bowel and colon, head and neck, pancreatic, prostate and lung cancer.

There have been exciting advancements in the treatment of cancer through the power of the immune system. You may not know that ONJ clinician researchers have been at the forefront of cancer immunotherapy research for many years. We continue to look for and find new answers. We are also leaders in lung and brain cancer research – both on the verge of important discoveries that will help every patient.

But we cannot do this without philanthropic support and need to raise upwards of $2m every year to ensure that the research continues. With your help, we will find the answers.
Blacktown Women's and Girls' Health Centre
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Blacktown Women's and Girls' Health Centre has been providing holistic health care and support for women and girls in the Blacktown LGA and beyond for nearly 30 years. Together with the North West Sydney Women's Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service, BWGHC provides frontline support for women and children leaving domestic violence and finding their way forward to a healthier and happier future. The Centre offers a range of groups including exercise, health education and self development, such as Yoga and Anger Management. We have a team of counsellors and case workers to assist women with various needs, as well as a Women's Health Clinic every Wednesday, a 0-5 years children's clinic every Monday and a Naturopath on Tuesdays. We also have specialist DV counselling,and outreach services from Staying Home Leaving Violence, Indigenous Women's Legal and Women's Legal Services NSW. We work with other organsations to empower women in our local area and also host events and activities to raise awareness about women's health and DV, as well as helping to build a healthy, sustaining community which supports all people. To find out more, phone 9831 2070 or check out our website or Facebook.
Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation Limited
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Mitochondrial disease (mito) is a debilitating genetic disorder that robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure and potentially death. It is terminal. There is no cure and few effective treatments.

One in 200 people are at risk of mito, making it the second most common, serious genetic disease after cystic fibrosis. One Australian child born each week will develop a severe or life-threatening form of mitochondrial disease.

The Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (AMDF) supports sufferers and their families, funds essential research into the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of mitochondrial disorders, and increases awareness and education about this devastating disease.

The AMDF’s mission is to support the mito community whilst seeking a cure. Founded by and working closely with those from the mito community, the AMDF strives to provide support services that help those affected by mito to feel more informed, empowered, connected and less isolated.
The AMDF is committed to finding an urgently needed cure for mitochondrial disease and believe that funding research is the only way a cure and effective treatments will be developed. As such the AMDF is driving research into mito by identifying and funding strategic research initiatives that improve diagnosis and treatment, and translate into preventions and cures.
New Life Community Care - Foodbarn
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New Life Community Care is a Registered DGR Charity with a mission and vision to help people in hardship within the Gold Coast from Jabob's Well to Currumbin. New life Foodbarn currently feed and deliver to approximately 7000 mouths a month through our relief services. This includes over 18 other organisations that include e.g. 4 x St Vincent De Paul conferences, ACT for Kids, Centrelink, 2 hospitals and their social workers, child safety, school support workers, parole board referrals, Anglican Care Surfers, Wesley mission, Kalwyn family services, Salvation Army Women's hostel, women refuges, Youth on the street, FSG mental patients, just to name a few.

New Life Community Care is an ‘umbrella’ for various activities such as New Life Foodbarn (established 2008), New Life Accommodation units, New Life 12 Step Recovery, New Life prison and hospital clergy, New Life work for the dole.

In this economic environment many people are suffering financially. We assist them by providing a variety of sought after products and services at low costs and accommodation centre.

Our activities include: Family food parcels and discount Foodbarn including supplying 18 plus charities/organizations with support parcels and delivery of * Free 12 step recovery program * Emer¬gency accommodation centre * Food rescue – approximately saving 30 tonnes per month for our Foodbarn clients * Counselling * Advocacy, bric a brac store, a 30 plus job seeker placement center being a registered work place for the dole for centerlink,
In such hard economic times so many struggle and can often have a detrimental effect on families’ health, wellbeing and housing, which often contributes to domestic violence, substance use and abuse, homelessness and suicide is where our mission and vision comes reality everyday and night.
Our workforce is comprised mainly of dedicated and regular volunteers, We are here to make a difference and are achieving that in many lives of families and people in our community, however, with-out support from clubs and businesses such as yours, our quest would be non-achievable and unable to carry on in this hard economic times. Our power for cold rooms etc costing over $5500 last quarter /upkeep, registration and maintenance on our trucks and delivery vans, forklift costing thousands a year/ Insurances are over $900 a month. Support enables us to continue with our important social community work of feeding thousands that fall on hard times. Families living in tents, in garages, under bridges, families in the park.

your consideration for partnering in helping the needy is greatly appreciated.

Shaycare Foundation
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Help children with Cerebral Palsy and their families with the cost of specialised equipment that they require to live everday life.
We need additional money to continue our mission. And to help the most vulnerable people in society, children with disabilities and their carers who often need our help to maintain and continue caring for their kids.
Lynch Syndrome Australia Limited
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Lynch Syndrome Australia (LSA) is the only charity in Australia advocating for Lynch syndrome, a hereditary cancer causing syndrome. It is believed that 1:280 persons may be affected yet only 5% have been diagnosed.
With Lynch syndrome there is a lifetime cancer risk of up to 80% for colon cancer. For women, a lifetime risk of up to 60% for endometrial cancer. Other cancers at a much higher risk than the general population include, but are not limited to, ovarian, stomach, urinary tract, pancreatic, prostate and brain. Whilst other cancer organisations concentrate on specific cancers, LSA concentrates on a whole genetic condition. People affected have a lifetime risk of many different cancers.
Everyone at LSA is a volunteer. We are five passionate women, all with full-time jobs. After a full day at work, we then come home get our families sorted and then take on LSA putting more hours in, working from our own homes after hours and on weekends. Fighting for a cause that has personally touched our lives. We are not a big corporation, we don’t yet have a nationally recognised ribbon day and donations are small. We achieve so much with so little that we have.
Jimmy Little Foundation
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The Jimmy Little Foundation is a not for profit charitable institution with DGR - (tax exempt) status, and is able to take donations from individuals, corporate sponsors and private companies.

To improve the quality of life for Indigenous Australians.

To strive for excellence in health care for Indigenous Australians.

We partner with federal, state and territory governments, statutory & peak health bodies, corporate, NGOs and non-profit organisations.

The Jimmy Little Foundation acknowledges the traditional lands and it’s owners and the contribution of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia both past, present and future. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this website may contain images of people who have passed away. The Jimmy Little Foundation constantly endeavours to ensure that information appearing in this site is correct at the time of collation, but accepts no responsibility for any mistakes, inaccuracies or mis-descriptions, whether by inclusion or omission and whether negligent or otherwise.
Breast Cancer Care Wa Inc
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The Humour Foundation
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“Why did the can crusher quit his job? Because it was soda pressing! Imagine a world without smiles, laughter and play... The Humour Foundation is a leading humour in health charity that believes in the therapeutic benefits of humour in improving the health and wellbeing of vulnerable Australians.

Our flagship program Clown Doctors, works with healthcare professionals to delivers doses of fun and laughter to the bedside of sick children in hospital. Hospitals can be a scary and lonely environment for sick kids, who are away from the comfort of home and all that is familiar. The myriad of tests, treatments and procedures they experience can be very intimidating and confusing.

This is where Clown Doctors can help. Professional and specially trained performers like Dr Tickle and Dr P Brain engage sick children with improvised humour and play, using their skills in magic, music, mime, song, dance and so much more. Their antics and distractions helps sick kids by enhancing psychological wellbeing and coping during times of serious illness, trauma, anxiety, injury, fear and stress, while transforming the whole hospital environment.

Clown Doctors is a unique, free service to hospitals and in need of ongoing community support to maintain program delivery.
Smith-Magenis Syndrome Australia Ltd
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Australian parents, who have children diagnosed with Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS), with the desire to raise awareness and help support our SMS community
FareShare Australia Incorporated
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FareShare rescues surplus food and cooks free, nutritious meals for Victorians doing it tough.

Every year, two million Australians will experience hunger. But, over the same period, we’ll also waste 200kg of food for every man, woman and child in the nation. This doesn’t make any sense. Melbourne food charity FareShare is doing something about it by rescuing surplus, quality food from supermarkets, farmers and other businesses.
With the help of 800 regular volunteers, FareShare cooks this food into 25,000 free nutritious meals a week for Victorian charities – such as soup vans, homeless shelters, food banks and school breakfast programs. We do this in Australia’s largest charity kitchen, based in Abbotsford.

FareShare does not receive regular government funding to cover the costs of our operations.

Your donation will help us to collect surplus food from supermarkets, farmers and other food businesses. It will also pay for the cost of running our kitchen, and then distributing food to hundreds of Victorian charities. We are fortunate to receive pro bono support from many businesses – helping to cover the costs such as maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment, packaging and offsite food storage. However, we need to raise money to keep our six refrigerated vans on the road every day, pay for electricity to run our ovens and coolrooms and employ chefs to oversee nearly 100 volunteers a day.
Youth Projects Ltd
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Help us meet the rising demand for our help even day and night. We provide over 40,000 episodes of care each year for homeless and disadvantaged people throughout Melbourne. We don't just give out blankets or food. We do the hard yards that make a difference with a free medical clinic.outreach nurses, drug safety, mental health and drug counselling, apprenticeships, training and job pathways. In fact we've helped 137 homeless and disadvantaged young people get back to education or into a real job this year alone. Because we are a "one stop shop", young people find it easier to find the help they need to get back on their feet, without waiting lists and complex barriers. All our work is front line and directly tackles homelessness head on.
Sanfilippo Children's Foundation
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Our mission is to fund medical research so a cure can be found in time for children battling Sanfilippo today and those born with it tomorrow.
Sanfilippo Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that is progressive, neurodegenerative and always fatal. It is estimated that 2,000 babies are born each year worldwide with Sanfilippo and life expectancy is just 12 – 20 years. There is currently no treatment, so a child diagnosed with this condition and their family face many challenges for which the foundation was created to address. These include limited opportunity to access emerging treatment and clinical trials; lack of up to date and accurate information; and as a rare disease there is significant isolation and lack of an accessible support network dedicated to the condition.
Since our inception in 2013 we have funded 6 research projects both in Australia and overseas. Our funding is critical as research in any field is highly competitive and grossly limited, but for rare diseases this is further exacerbated. Researchers struggle to obtain funding from traditional sources due to the relatively small patient numbers and inadequate return on commercial investment. We are directing much needed funds into critical research for a condition that until now has been largely neglected.
Bobby Goldsmith Foundation
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Bobby Goldsmith Foundation (BGF) is Australia’s longest-running HIV charity. Founded in 1984, BGF undertakes a range of support and interventions that address key determinants of poor health outcomes for people living with HIV (PLHIV) – ie long-term social and economic poverty.

BGF provides direct financial and practical assistance, emotional support, financial counselling, housing, study and employment support to the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people living with HIV in New South Wales. From January 2016, BGF will extend financial assistance for health related issues to PLHIV on low incomes in South Australia.

Working holistically with clients to limit the challenging circumstances that are often detrimental to physical and emotional well-being: BGF has provided care and support to thousands of PLHIV and operate a range of programs and services to address issues of social isolation, stigma, medication adherence and positive healthy living.
One Meal it makes a difference Inc
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One Meal at a time, we believe it can make a difference!

One Meal – it makes a difference, was established on 21 December 2014 by a group of friends that came together to give back to the community for a one-off Christmas service. Paul Mackin (President) came up with the idea which was supported by his wife Diana (Treasurer). Paul always had a passion for helping others, knowing well what it’s like to live on the streets as he was homeless between the ages of 15 and 19

Provide healthy nutritional meals to the homeless, destitute, impoverished and underprivileged people in our community. To assist in advancing their well-being, outlook on life and prospects for future independence.
The HeavyHiterz Foundation
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The HeavyHiterz Foundation is a Gold Coast and NSW Rivers based charity providing programs and support strategies for those living with mental illness, and their families.
As you are no doubt aware, mental illness affects us all - with one in 5 Australians expected to deal with some kind of mental health issue in the coming 12 months. We are seeking financial support for our charity so that we can broaden our support programs with the aim of reducing the burden of mental health issues within our society.
Funds raised will be used to cover the day to day operational costs of running our charity, establishing a drop-in centre and other misc costs ( travel and speaking fees) which will allow us to continue our engagement with both the community and other organisations working in this area. Funds will also be used to broaden the delivery of our flagship fundraising program the Better Living and Mental Wellness Workshop within schools and other areas.
Life's Little Treasures Foundation
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Life’s Little Treasures Foundation is Australia’s foremost charity dedicated to providing comprehensive information and support to families with a premature or sick baby. We help give these children the best possible start in life and take care of the wellbeing of the whole family.

Our mission is to ensure that no family endures the difficult and life-changing experience of having a premature or sick baby without easy access to critical information and support. We intimately understand the needs of parents and families and we are always there to guide them through their journey, from pregnancy and birth, through the hospital stay and transition home, into the early years of childhood and beyond.

We bring together the expertise and guidance of leading health professionals, social workers, researchers and trained volunteers to reduce trauma and empower parents to make the best choices for their family. In doing so, we help reduce instances of mental health problems, alleviate financial hardship and lower the risk of relationship breakdown which these families are highly vulnerable to.

Life's Little Treasures Foundation does not receive any government funding and relies on donations and fundraising to make our work possible.
Silent Ripples Incorporated
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Lungitude Foundation
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Did you know that the average life expectancy for a lung transplant recipient in Australia is only 7 years?

The Lungitude Foundation improves survival rates and outcomes for child and adult lung transplant recipients and their carers. We are a registered Australian charity focused on facilitating world-class clinical and research endeavours, medical procedures, therapies and support for lung transplant recipients and their carers.

Help support our vital life-saving work - Transplant for Life.
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