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Pennsylvania Bat Rescue is one of the only licensed rehabilitation centers that specializes in the care and maintenance of bats in Pennsylvania. Our organization receives over 300 sick, injured, and orphaned native bats annually, with a release rate of 70 percent. We have recently developed an effective captive treatment for white nose syndrome affected bats. We have shared our treatment protocol with other rehabilitation centers with successful results. We also have staff that work in bio-acoustic monitoring of bats, which is essential in bat counts and tracking movements of bats to better understand their roosting behaviors. Acoustic monitoring can provide a synapsis of species richness present on the landscape, and initiative conservation efforts at key roosting sites, and surrounding habitat imperative to their survival. Rehabilitation of individuals is vital to our mission, but we are also dedicated to preserving and restoring the integrity of their natural habitat to sustain their integral populations. Bats that are not able to return to their natural environment receive lifelong sanctuary at our rehabilitation center. We partnered with Bat World Sanctuary to serve as a future rescue center to receive fruit bats rescued from the cruel, exotic pet trade, zoos, and aquariums in the Northeast. By supporting our rescue efforts, you are helping to save one of the world's misunderstood and vitally important species. 

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