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​About us...

Founded in March, 2012, Ninna's Road to Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  We are located in BENTON, LA.   Our mission is to rescue and re-home small-breed dogs and a handful of cats.  Most of our animals come from kill-shelters, puppy mills and backyard breeder operations in and around Northwest Louisiana.  Many come from abuse and neglect situations.  We provide vetting, socialization, and via our over 50 EXPERIENCED volunteers, we provide healing of mind, body and soul.  Our goal is to find each animal the "right" home, not just "a" home.  We rescue and rehome over 350 animals each year!  Adopters are required to have an excellent pet ownership history and veterinary reference. 

We are different than any other shelter in this area as our shelter is a converted home to better prepare the animals for their forever home.  Some liken it to a doggie day care as everything is catered to the dogs and cats to include outdoor catios and landings for the cats and for the dogs, doggie beds, room assignments, swimming pool, etc.  The animals DON'T KNOW they live in a shelter!

​Along with rescuing, we educate and try to spread awareness as well.   We are HUGE advocates of spaying and neutering and responsible pet ownership.

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