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L.O.L.A.’S Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue organization. We are based in Colorado, providing services for Colorado and surrounding states. Our rescue was founded on the idea of being able to save as many at risk animals as possible from uncertain futures, while upholding the highest regard and values for animals in our care. Our concentration is on animals from high kill shelters and at-risk animals in abuse, neglect, and abandonment situations. Reducing the number of euthanasia (due to overcrowding) in our shelters and surrounding areas. We rehabilitate these animals so they can be placed in amazing, loving homes without the threat of an uncertain future.

The difference you will see when you adopt an animal from L.O.L.A.’S Rescue is that these animals are fully vetted. Instead of having an illness clause in the adoption contract, we keep the animals in our rescue for at least 10 days, which is the standard incubation period of most illnesses seen in our animals. These animals are fully vaccinated and spayed/neutered all while in the care of the rescue. The rescue also has three trainers that can help with behavioral issues that may be seen while the animals are in foster care. That means that the overhead is higher, but the adopter is getting a healthy, fully vetted animal and we can make a much better match with adopter and animal.

Our founder, Roni Taylor, has been saving animals since she was a teenager. She formalized the rescue in 2011, after her Weimaraner, Lola, passed away. Since then, we have:

Successfully placed approximately 600 dogs a year in forever homes.

Drastically reduced the number of unwanted litters and homeless animals who were being euthanized

Provide education on the importance of spaying/neutering and info on local low-cost or free resources

Went from saving large & giant breeds to taking in all cases who need our help and care

We want all of our animals are in foster homes, thus, we want to consistently increase our number of fosters and volunteers to save more lives. We are always open to support from local businesses & individuals -- financial donation, dog/cat food, animal supplies (crates, leashes, collars, etc.) or even sharing us on social media. We operate solely on the donations and support from our community. We are immensely proud of this relationship and hope to increase it as we continue growing as a rescue.

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