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Since 1898, the Nelson Centre of Musical Arts (NCMA) has been enriching the lives of Nelson Tasman residents through exceptional music performances and a diverse range of educational opportunities. With a devoted team of 80 instructors, we have a profound impact on the lives of more than 800 students, spanning from 6 months to 96 years of age.Our mission, encapsulated in the phrase "Music for Everyone," drives our commitment to fostering the well-being and transformation of our community. We actively support youth, seniors, adults, and individuals with disabilities by providing avenues for growth through initiatives such as free beginner music classes, youth and adult beginner orchestras, and music therapy.As a dedicated community music hub, we take pride in serving the Nelson Tasman region, using the enchanting power of music to connect, inspire, and uplift. Our focus remains on creating a space where individuals of all ages and backgrounds can discover the magic of music, contributing to the cultural vibrancy and unity of our community.

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