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Our Mission: The aim of Lurcher Link is to HELP LURCHERS IN DISTRESS..... both through Lurcher Link rescue itself and by acting as a point of contact for rescues, dog wardens, vets, stray centres and the public. Many Lurchers are destroyed because stray pounds are full and their local rescues have no room. Yet in other parts of the country people are looking for Lurchers to rehome and because of this we act as a kind of "Dating Agency" for Lurchers, trying to find the right dog for the right family, from ANY rescue, to make space for other Lurchers to come into rescue and to save these dogs from being euthanised. We also take in and rehome Lurchers from Put To Sleep situations ourselves - some of these are "Death Row Cases" i.e. dogs who everyone else has given up on and we are their last chance. We also act as advisors to people who are newcomers to Lurchers, have behavioural problems with their dogs or just need to share their Lurchery problems. What We've Achieved: Over the last 15 years, we have rehomed around 1000 Lurchers, many of which would otherwise been put to sleep. We also try to offer advice to people who are new to the world of Lurchers and help anyone who is experiencing behavioural problems with their dog - often through our affiliated behaviourists. Through our fundraising efforts, we have managed to build our own small kennel block at our HQ in Halifax, which can house up to 18 adult dogs We have also built a small, shaded exercise pen which is fully secure with 8ft fences. This can be used for meet and greets with potential new owners and their dogs, as well as allowing dogs some free running space and off lead training We have a thriving on-line community both on Facebook and the Lurcher Link Forum What we do: All our dogs are assessed by a vet, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered wherever practical before they are rehomed, or we arrange for it to be, with their new owners. If the dogs need extra veterinary care, this is done at Lurcher Link's expense whilst the dogs are under our care. We homecheck potential new homes and offer rescue back up if there are any problems. We also have some long term foster dogs for which we offer sponsorships, allowing them to live out their lives in a home environment rather than in kennels. Lurcher Link will cover all their expenses whilst they are in foster care.

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