Liberty acres equine rescue and sanctuary

#1,222 Charity
We rescue horses going to slaughter and retire Amish work horses. There are tons of great horses literally thrown away everyday and so we step in and save them from going to slaughter. The Amish work horses are taken to auction when they can no longer work and then sold for meat. This is so unfair to a horse that worked its whole life for man. The ones we have love affection and get treated with tons of love like they deserve after giving their entire lives to work. We allow visits on our farm for children to find out and learn about the horses, other animals here, and also allow them to interact with, feed, groom, and take pony rides. All of our visitors come from the city, so they are given the opportunity to learn about farming and have an agritour while they’re here.

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SOS Strays of Sussex

#1,201 Charity
SOS Is a local rescue in Sussex New Brunswick our goal is to help the stray and abandoned cats/kittens in out area by having them vetted complete with spay/neuter and... Read More

Kids with Cancer Foundation

#1,202 Charity
We provide financial assistance to families of children suffering and cancer diagnosis, and fund hospital networks throughout Australia. Read More

Hugginz By Angel Foundation

#1,203 Charity
Helps families of seriously ill, medically fragile and traumatized children across Canada. Read More

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

#1,205 Charity
ASRC is a place and a movement that supports and empowers people seeking asylum, and mobilises to create lasting social and policy change. Read More

Central Texas Pig Rescue

#1,206 Charity
Providing sanctuary for pigs & humans to foster connection, compassion, and a pig-positive world. Read More

Dogs for Autism

#1,209 Charity
We provide assistance dogs at no charge to autistic people of any age anywhere in the UK Read More

The Shepherd Centre for deaf children

#1,211 Charity
The Shepherd Centre specialises in helping children who are deaf or hearing impaired develop their speech, listening and social skills. Read More

WORTH - Women On the The Road To Healing

#1,213 Charity
WORTH provides long term aftercare to women affected by Domestic Abuse Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2020

Tourettes association of New Zealand

#1,214 Charity
We support and provide information services to individuals living with Tourette Syndrome. Read More

Paws Crossed Cat Rescue Charitable Trust

#1,215 Charity
Rescue, rehome cat/kittens vaccinate microchip desex and microchip register Read More

Action for Animals in Distress Society

#1,216 Charity
We rescue, rehabilitate, sick, abandoned & neglected cats. We then endeavor to find them loving, indoor forever homes. Read More

Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

#1,217 Charity
The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation is committed to alleviating the suffering caused by mental illness by awarding grants that will lead to advances and breakthroughs in scientific research. BBRF... Read More

Wayside Chapel

#1,218 Charity
At The Wayside Chapel we’re not interested in fixing people; we’re interested in being there when people need us. Those we help are often at their lowest point, with a... Read More

Tiny Tails Rescue Adelaide Inc

#1,219 Charity
Tiny Tails Rescue Adelaide Incorporated is a not for profit rescue run by dedicated volunteers helping rescue unwanted dogs & cats and giving them a second chance. Before being adopted... Read More

The Friends of Sammy Joe

#1,220 Charity
We help change lives for those who suffer with Trichothiodystrophy and help them to fit in with society we help create a better life for them Read More

Companion Animal Network Australia CAN

#1,221 Charity
Our six members provide rescue, shelter, rehoming, foster care, health care and enrichment services to more than 50,000 animals every year. Read More

Liberty acres equine rescue and sanctuary

#1,222 Charity
We rescue and retire horses. We allow visits on our farm for children to find out and learn about the horses, other animals here, and also allow them to interact... Read More

Action for Greyhounds

#1,223 Charity
We hold regular campaign awareness events promoting Greyhounds as family members and promoting AfG along with other reputable animal rescues. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2019

Lamb Care Australia Inc

#1,224 Charity
Lamb Care Australia rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes orphaned, sick or abandoned new born lambs providing them with quality care and safe homes. Read More
1000+ Votes Charity 2019


#1,225 Charity
“RSPCA NSW believes that animals must be treated humanely.” Read More