In Her Presence Cover Photo
In Her Presence Cover Photo
In Her Presence Cover Photo
Mission We empower immigrant women by helping them learn English, raise healthy families, develop careers, and connect with the community to make Maine their home. Need & Opportunity Maine has critical workforce needs. Maine also has a vibrant pool of untapped potential already on its doorstep. Immigrants bring with them a wealth of educational and professional experiences but are often employed far below their capabilities. Due to English language limitations, unfamiliar systems and lack of childcare, immigrant women do not have equal access to basic needs including education and adequate employment opportunities.  Why people should support you.  At In Her Presence, we offer a safe place for women to share experiences and bridge cultural and language differences to empower each other to recognize and realize their own leadership potential.  We see a future where immigrants are a part of a vibrant, thriving, multicultural community here in Maine. Challenges facing our participants are great — language isolation, complexity of systems and disparities as women of color and can be overwhelming. Together, we can support immigrant women in their integration, independence, and well-being to realize their full potential, bettering not only their lives, but their families and their communities as well.  

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