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HOLG provides bereavement support to children and young people (aged up to 18) and their families in Kent, Medway and SouthEast London. Normally this is primarily, but not exclusively, through our non-residential specialist bereavement weekends. Using art and creative activities the children and young people are given a safe space to explore their feelings and develop resilience and coping strategies. We also provide 1:1 support to children in their own homes or school setting when they are not able to access our weekends. Due to the lockdown and ongoing Covid safety measures we have had to develop new ways of working mainly through remote video one to one and group work. We have recently restarted our face to face group workshops, although these are significantly different to our traditional groups due to Covid secure working practices. Research has shown that the legacy of unresolved grief from childhood bereavement persists long into adult life and can have a lasting effect on mental health and well-being. With our traditional fundraising activities put on hold for the time being we really need your support to enable us to continue our vital work.

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