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We are a registered non profit that totally depend on the generosity of supporters who provide us with monetary donations and items for our various fundraising efforts such as on-line auctions, 50/50 draws and other fundraisers such as bbqs and car washes. We do not receive any government funding. The Covid 19 pandemic has dramatically hampered our fundraising efforts and pandemic or not-there are cats living outside and suffering who need our help. Our mandate is to provide TNR programs whereby we will sterilize a colony of community cats - feral cats will be trapped, neutered and returned to their colony with a caretaker in place who will be provided with food and shelters for these cats. The caretaker looks out for these animals and reports back to us if there are issues or if further food or veterinary care is required. We also vet and adopted out and tame/abandon cats we come across. It is very costly to provide this care and the demand for help is at an all time high. Please help us to help these cats, we can’t do this without the support of caring individuals and organizations.

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