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EARS Incorporated, a small, Australian, Christian organisation has been working to reduce the incidence and impact of hearing loss for the last twenty years. Hearing loss impacts many areas of life, including education, communication, physical and emotional well-being, employment and ability to participate in society. Unlike the developed world, the majority of people in the developing world - where hearing loss is more common due to poverty and poor health services - have no access to hearing help. Through working with local agencies and professionals, EARS Inc. seeks to provide comprehensive and sustainable audiology programs where there is a lack of physical and human resources. We have developed a model which delivers real change: 1. SERVICES - We establish a flagship facility 2. TRAINING - Structured and intentional programs for local staff and/or students 3. OUTREACH – Regular, strategic, clinical visits 4. RESOURCES – Personnel, equipment, inventory, facilities, utilities, intellectual property, partners 5. EVALUATION – Before, during and after projects Through our work in several developing countries, including Malawi Africa, and the Dominican Republic, thousands of people are hearing and children are learning better. Our vision is for deaf and hearing impaired people in developing countries to have access to the hearing services they need to help them to reach their potential. Funds are always needed to expand our reach, support our field workers, buy hearing aids and equipment, and train teachers, medical staff and students.

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