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The Devils in Danger Foundation Inc., (DIDF) is a not-for-profit, incorporated organisation whose main mission is to raise funds and awareness for our endangered Tasmanian devils and to implement the appropriate steps to guard against their extinction. The DIDF receives no government funding and therefore relies entirely upon the generosity of Tasmanian businesses and the general public. Funds raised by the DIDF go towards a variety of Tasmanian devil related projects such as: - Constructing Tasmanian devil breeding enclosures; - Increasing populations of healthy, disease-free Tasmanian devils, in captivity; - Increasing appreciation and awareness for this unique and endangered Tasmanian icon; - Providing ongoing public education about the plight faced by Tasmanian devils, particularly regarding Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) and road fatalities and; - Providing ongoing funding to one of the worlds leading Tasmanian devil field researchers, and the first scientist to discover DFTD, Associate Professor Menna Jones, of the University of Tasmania. Don't let our Devils Become Angels... Please donate today!

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