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DANII was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was only FIVE years old. Despite having to prick her finger several times a day, to take her blood glucose (sugar) levels, and have several daily injections of insulin (and later manage her insulin pump), this talented young lady led a full, action packed life. She was extremely popular and excelled in many things. A very talented singer – she was a leader of the Australian Girls Choir and had aspirations to make singing & song writing a career. A LIFE CUT SHORT – Sadly all her dreams were shattered on November 8th 2011 when DANII lost her life as a consequence of Diabetes Mellitus. She went to bed a happy, beautiful teenager and never woke up. She was just SEVENTEEN and had everything to live for. Her family will never, ever be the same. Her brothers have lost a wonderful, vibrant sister and friend, her parents have lost their beloved and only daughter. People who knew her, knew they lost a best friend too. This trauma CAN BE AVOIDED and the DANII Meads Barlow Foundation is determined to help stop another tragedy like DANII’s ever happening again in Australia. As a legacy to DANII, the DANII Meads Barlow Foundation was created to help make a difference. JOIN US AND HELP PREVENT ANOTHER DEATH. Help prevent the unimaginable.

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