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Bird of Prey Rescue continues to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured and orphaned birds of prey in the Townsville and surrounding areas. These unique and specialised birds are on the decline world wide due to habitat destruction, poisoning, motor vehicle strike, shooting and many more human created problems. We must as caring intelligent beings preserve the habitat for these birds, educate our children of the importance of working with and preserving habitat for the future survival of our top predators. As a rehabilitation facility we need funds to feed, medicate and house these birds. Your donation will go towards much needed food and medical bills to keep the birds healthy and strong during their recovery and journey back to health. We travel long distances at times to rescue and release as these birds are territorial and need to go back to the area where they were rescued. These birds pair for life so its important to get them home to their bonded pair and territory. All donated funds are directly spent on the birds and their needs for recovery and release.

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