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Chuffnut Cavies Rescue Shelter is a guinea-pig dedicated rescue shelter in Victoria, Australia. We are the longest running, guinea-pig dedicated shelter in this state, and one of the longest running in Australia. We are a large shelter, with large costs involved, with 99% of the finances coming directly from the shelter managers own pocket. We go beyond, trying to help others to help their piggies, by offering online (FB) assistance to folks who need emergency advice for their precious piggies - this is all done without any financial gain to the shelter, only the fuzzy warm feeling that piggies in need are being helped all over the world! We take in any unwanted, sick, neglected, abused guinea pigs. We have even extended our aid to interstate animals when the shelters in those states were unable to take them. We provide these rescue animals with much-needed medical attention and good care. We rehabilitate then we rehome to the best of homes. The costs to care for up to 200 guinea pigs is often mind-blowing, especially the cost of top-quality veterinary care. Our shelter would be grateful for any assistance to hep us to continue helping unwanted or neglected pets in Victoria!

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