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The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society was established in 1993 to provide professional care for wildlife rehabilitation. Each year we receive 2600+ injured and orphaned wild animals and respond to 10,000+ wildlife-related calls from the public. In addition, Calgary Wildlife provides motivational, skill-building experiences for volunteers and valuable outreach and education services in the community. Calgary Wildlife is a registered charity and the only wildlife hospital within the City of Calgary. Calgary Wildlife supports positive wildlife outcomes for Calgarians and Calgary’s wildlife


The Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society (Calgary Wildlife) is dedicated to providing professional veterinary treatment of injured and orphaned wildlife, valuable outreach and education services to the community and engaging all volunteers in motivational work and skill building experience.


Calgary Wildlife will strive to be recognized as a provincial leader in the delivery of professional wildlife rehabilitation services as well as community outreach and education related to human-wildlife interactions.

Our Pillars

Quality of Life: Contribute to the quality of life for wild animals and citizens.

Best Care: Engage in best care for wildlife patients and citizen services.

Sustainable Relationships: Foster sustainable relationships within the community and between wildlife and humans.


1. To rescue and provide appropriate veterinary based care and treatment to injured and orphaned wildlife with the goal of releasing vigorous individuals capable of successfully returning to their natural habitat.

2. To provide relevant public education and outreach to schools and other community groups through presentations, visits, displays and literature.

3. To maintain connections with other local organizations whose primary interest is wildlife, environmental conservation and related public education.

4. To provide volunteer opportunities and service to community by making available a venue for members, service groups, and diverse community groups to contribute to a community service while acquiring new skills.

5. To conduct information gathering into the effectiveness of the Society’s treatment and education programs.

Our Patients

Calgary Wildlife receives mostly urban wildlife. With over 400 species of wild animals living in and around the City of Calgary, there is a great variety in the patients that we see! Calgary’s blend of urban and natural landscapes is home to a diversity of wildlife. As city limits expand, human activity increasingly encroaches upon wildlife habitats. We now share our communities with wildlife and encounter them around our homes, backyards and parks. A large portion of the wildlife received by Calgary Wildlife have been injured as a result of some contact with humans or human activity. We give injured or orphaned wild animals a second chance at life.

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