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From the poorest counties in the United States, the Texas/Mexico border has an unprecedented crisis that has motivated us to place over 2,000 stray, neglected, and at-risk dogs since 2022. The staggering number of dogs lining the South Texas streets is primarily related to lack of education, poverty, and cultural views towards animals. Failure to spay and neuter personal pets has created tremendous suffering in our animals as unwanted litters are dumped on deserted farm roads, killed, or handed out like the accessories they are treated is, to people who have no intention of ever providing vetting, sterilization, appropriate shelter, or a good quality of life. In all four counties, each animal control facility and government funded shelter is forced to kill for space as owners surrender their dogs daily once they become an inconvenience. The failure to appropriately vet pets has caused shocking numbers of parvo and distemper outbreaks in rural communities where unvaccinated dogs roam freely. Combine that with fatalities related to coccidia, giardia, malnutrition related to worms, heartworms, bloodborne tick diseases, and general neglect and abuse, the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) is undoubtedly the most difficult (and costly) geographic area to operate a rescue in the United States. Through vetting, foster placement, networking and transporting, our organization has produced a high volume of life saving achievements some of the most forgotten animals.

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