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Magnolia Fawn Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)3 Rescue. Magnolia rescues around one hundred orphaned and injured fawns yearly. The fawns are rescued, rehabbed and once healthy and old enough, they are released back into the wild.

Most are orphaned when their mother was killed by a car or the fawns are hit by cars, attacked by predators, tangled in fences or kidnapped by people who think the fawns are orphaned but actually most of the fawns are just waiting on their mom to return from grazing. Many of the fawns are treated for dehydration, maggots, head trauma, broken bones, cuts, road rash, bites, punctured lungs, deformities and blindness.

The majority of the fawns will be releasable but every year we rescue some fawns that are non-releasable because of health issues, such as piebaldism that causes beautiful white markings but unfortunatly also causes internal or external deformities, including dwarfism, twisted limbs, blindness, organ issues, etc. Those fawn receive therapy, splinting and alot of medical care and expences. Other reasons fawns are non-releasable is blindness, amputations due to accidents and illegally raised 'pet' deer. The Department of Natural Rescources use to have to put these deer down but now that Magnolia opened a forever sanctuary at the rescue, those deer have a safe place to go.

Magnolia Fawn Rescue has been in operation for over 20 years. Over the years the number of non-releasable deer continues to go up. The total non-releasable adult deer is over 50 permanent, resident deer. This year another dozen fawns will be added to this. Most of those are piebald fawns and 3 of them are blind.

Over the last few years the number of fawn needing rescue has doubled due to habit loss. An alarming amount of forest and meadows are being clear cut for developments.

Funding has decreased drastically these past few months and not only does Magnolia need funds for fawn milk, deer feed and medical supplies but need to expand fencing to accommodate the growing non-releasable deer herd.

Thank you for your consideration to help save orphaned and injured fawn.

Connie Hall


Magnolia Fawn Rescue


1066 Hayes Drive

Gray Court, S.C. 29645

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