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Best Friend Fur Ever Rescue Inc is a NO KILL rescue that takes animals from council pounds, surrenders, stray's, abused and abandoned dogs and cats in Queensland and New South Wales. We provide all vet work including desexing and have trainers that work with dogs that have behaviour issues. We have also started desexing programs in the Western Downs Region in QLD where there are a huge amount of abandoned animals. We have a LAST LITTER program where we take the pups do all vet work and re home and we also desex the mother of the pups. We also offer heavily discounted desexing for dogs and cats in the region for those that are on a pension and hold a current pension card. We hold regular adoption days in Brisbane to re home all of our animals in care in Queensland. In New South Wales we have a large group of volunteers that walk our dogs that are in private boarding kennels. Another part of our rescue focuses on human education. We like to teach people the importance of desexing animals, training their dogs, nutrition, the importance of vaccinations, worming and regular vet check ups

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