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Our Mission is to increase the population of hedgehogs in and around the North Staffordshire and adjoining Counties. We are currently doing that in the folowing two ways Helping hogs survive through rescue, treatment and rehabilitation. Every vulnerable hog that is admitted to Baddeley Green Hedgehog Rescue Centreis at risk of harm and may not survive without urgent care and attention. Each hog gets the best care and attention from Clare and a group of dedicated volunteers. Clare is medicaly trained and oversees feeding, monitoring and medical treatments in the wel organised Hog Hospital. The hogs are nurtured back to health and when the time is right they are mostly rehabilitated back into their natural environments. There are sad occasions when the hogs have been found too late and the help does not work. This makes Baddeley Green Hedgehog Rescue Centre more determined. Raising a higher level of environmental awareness in our community. We want everyone In North Staffordshire and adjoining Counties to understand when a hog is at risk and what they can do to support them including caling the rescue centre. Acting fast is often key to a good outcome. We would also like to educate young people and adults including those who have additional vulnerabilities about the important role hogs have in the North Staffordshire countryside and adjoining Counties. This wil encourage and support a positive community spirit and respect for our wildlife and nature. We currently do this through social media platforms and more recently through the media and educational talks to school age children. We believe that through more training and education we could double our cals to the rescue centre and help even more hogs in and around North Staffordshire and adjoining Counties.

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