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Australia’s wildlife is disappearing: 33 mammals have gone extinct and nearly 1 in 3 native Australian mammals and 1 in 7 birds are threatened with extinction. Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) is the largest private (non-profit) owner of conservation land in Australia. Guided by a commitment to scientific excellence, AWC’s field-based staff are delivering practical, on-ground management to control feral animals, manage fire and eradicate weeds across over 6.5 million hectares, in iconic places like the Kimberley, Cape York, Lake Eyre and the Top End. Recognising ‘business as usual’ for conservation in Australia will mean more extinctions, AWC is developing and implementing a new model for conservation. As a result, AWC protects a very high proportion of Australia’s biodiversity, including 72% of all mammal species, 88% of all native bird species and over 50% of all reptile and frog species. In fact, we protect more species – and more threatened species - than any other non-government organisation. With 87% of our total income invested in the field (only 13% is spent on fundraising and administration combined) you can be confident your donation will make a difference to Australia’s threatened wildlife where it counts most – in the field!

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