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ENDING TRAFFICKING BEFORE IT BEGINSEquipping and empowering girls and young women so they are protected and safe.Safety can't wait! Too many girls in Cambodia have become victims of abuse that could have been prevented. That is why AusCam protects those at highest risk by creating safe spaces for them to report their crisis, get help and feel empowered. Traditionally, we worked in schools and local communities, but the landscape is changing and right now we need safety online. So, we have a renewed focus.Our Challenge Right now, girls in Cambodia are facing a new and rapidly growing threat. Online Child Sexual Exploitation (OCSE) is estimated to directly impact 11% of Cambodian children who use the internet, some 160,000 lives traumatised and damaged each year – and this number is multiplying.Our ResponseWe prevent sexual exploitation by indetifying girls at high risk, providing crisis interventions to reduce vulnerability and then help them to build their skills and confidence and resilience for the future. 

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