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Animal Aid Abroad provides much needed food, medical supplies and treatment for injured, abused and overworked animals in developing countries. Funds collected are specifically used to: Providing free veterinary clinics and owner education to reduce the daily suffering of these animals; Empower and educate animal owners to improve the lives of their animals and consequently their own well-being and livelihoods. This is to be achieved by supporting local partner organisations in developing countries to run outreach clinics, mobile units, community educational programs and other innovative projects if and when they arise; Manage and maintain current sponsorship programs for partner organisations to help with the care and rehabilitation of abused, sick and abandoned working animals; Inform and raise public awareness about the plight of working animals in developing communities and advocate change. A staggering number of households in developing countries depend on working animals for their livelihood. The condition in which these animals work is extremely pitiful. They are forced to carry unimaginable loads, are beaten and underfed. Exploitation of these voiceless creatures always goes unheard. These animals are loaded with excessive weight, are made to work for long hours - sometimes without food and water. If this was not enough, they are even forced to work when they are sick or injured. Their cruel owners deliberately cause injury to the animals and prod sticks into their injuries, twist their tails as they believe this makes it easier for them to control their animals while carrying their excessive loads. Furthermore, ropes and harnesses used cause cuts and abrasions on their bodies. Weak laws and a complete lack of sensitivity among people encourages such fearless cruelty.

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