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Alzheimer Café Isle of Wight aims to support anyone affected by dementia including individuals living with dementia, families, carers, and healthcare professionals. Our 50+ volunteers run 6 cafés each month across that Isle of Wight that offer a friendly and welcoming environment where people can chat, share stories, make friends, and relax knowing everyone there is 'in the same boat.' 

Our cafés provide informal education about dementia, and guidance and signposting to other services. Due to our hard work and determination over the past 14 years, Alzheimer Café Isle of Wight is a well-known service for anyone who's life is affected by dementia on the Isle of Wight. 

Alzheimer Café Isle of Wight is a vital service to the community across the Island as we support over 200 people every month at our regular cafés. We will be extending our services in 2024 to open to a daily café alongside our current cafés, meaning anyone affected by dementia, whether that's an individual, family member, spouse, friend, or carer, can seek help, support, and a friendly face any time they need it. 

Dementia can feel scary, but no one has to go through it alone.

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