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Aardvark is a non-for profit songwriting and music program for young people aged 14-24 who love music and need to connect with others like them. Aardvark, based on youth participation principals, is especially for young people who are at risk, disengaged, or experiencing adversity and are unable to access music opportunities that others may. Aardvark targets young people experiencing adversity, such as: - Having chronic medical condition - Suffering from Mental health issues - In an unstable home accommodation - Significant/acute life challenges - Living in rural or isolated locations. Many of the young people involved in Aardvark have immense talent but due to various life circumstances don’t have access to music tuition or instruments. The young people participate in weekly sessions, called The Aardvark Sessions, with the facilitators guiding through a supported group process and every step involved in song writing, music arrangement, recording and performance. After the Aardvark sessions opportunities are offered to stay connected in Aardvark and provide links to the music industry and opportunities for skills development and employment pathways.

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