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We are a UK registered charity with our own registered rescue shelter and sanctuary in Zrenjanin, Serbia. Providing love, healthcare, food and a home for abandoned dogs. Often found as puppies or older and sick. We take in those we find ourselves, others from overrun shelters, continually work on neutering both cats and dogs and aim to educate others on animal welfare. 

As a new sanctuary, we began operating on a small scale in 2021. Since then our facilities have slowly continued to improve with the help of donations. In 2023 we finally became a UK registered charity and now the real work begins! Your support would enable us to develop desperately needed facilities and increase capacity in order to care for the abandoned dogs we see on a daily basis.  

We sincerely welcome your involvement in our mission to improve the lives of these poor dogs, abandoned in the middle of nowhere by busy roads with no food or water. The cruelty is unfathomable but with your help we can rescue them 💜

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