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The Western Australian Ostomy Association (WAOA) is:

• a ‘not-for-profit’ charity started in 1969

• affiliated with 20 other Associations to support 46 000+ Australian ostomates

• designed to support people who have had surgery resulting in a stoma (ostomates)

• distributing the stoma products needed for the 3 600+ members in Western Australia

• giving support to members aged from 2 days to 104 years old via newsletters, meetings and  personal contact

• providing a specialised stomal therapy nursing service to local, rural and remote ostomate  members

• providing allied health professional contacts for assistance to return to wellness

• actively increasing community awareness of living with a stoma

People should support us because a stoma is a hidden "change of personal functioning" not well known to the general public and people affected need to be encouraged to regain a normal life style after a (usually) traumatic experience.

This surgery can affect anyone – even the fittest person and there needs to be an organisation dedicated to supporting a return to wellness

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