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Every year, over 300,000 wolves and wolf dogs are bred in captivity, many of whom are sold into the exotic pet industry. Some of these animals end up in fur farms and roadside attractions where they are exploited and often abused and malnourished. A majority of the animals are sold to private individuals who initially obtain the animals as a “trophy” pet. Very quickly, these individuals realize that wolves and wolf dogs do not make good pets and cannot care for them. Some owners try to abuse and malnourish their animals into submission. Others take them to shelters where they are most often euthanized because the shelter cannot subsequently place the animals or they are illegal in that area. Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for wolves and wolf dogs through Rescue, Sanctuary, and Education. We coordinate with accredited rescue organizations and sanctuaries around the United States to rescue as many of these animals as possible and place them in proper homes or sanctuaries. We provide lifelong sanctuary for 30 wolves and wolf dogs in a natural habitat that takes into account each individual’s physical, medical, and emotional needs. The goal of our education program is to foster a better understanding of wolves in the wild and educate the public about trying to keep an exotic animal as a domestic pet.

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