Victorian National Parks Association Cover Photo
The story of the conservation movement in Victoria is rich in moral courage, passion, and dogged persistence. It’s the story of years of debates, decades of protests and public meetings – and generations of community action. The Victorian National Parks Association has been at the forefront of nature conservation campaigns for 65 years, achieving outstanding results. The Victorian National Parks Association works in three main ways: campaigning and advocacy, activities, and community engagement and learning. • We support the creation of new national parks and other conservation reserves, and new laws that protect parks and threatened plant and wildlife species; we oppose inappropriate developments and agricultural practices within parks. • We are one of the largest bushwalking and outdoor activities clubs in Victoria; together with teams of Members and volunteers, we work on habitat restoration projects. • We run scientifically significant citizen science programs across land and sea; our Wild Families program supports families experiencing nature together. Share our vision for Victoria to have a diverse and healthy natural environment protected, respected and enjoyed by all. Learn more at

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