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2018 Grant Winner
The Ujamaa Foundation supports Ujamaa Children’s Home in Arusha, Tanzania. Ujamaa Children's Home isn’t just an orphanage; it’s a home. It is a unique organisation where we raise our children in a family environment where they live together as brothers and sisters and this bond will remain for the rest of their lives. We provide the highest level of care and education and we do this by maintaining small numbers and a close-knit family. Ujamaa Children's Home is for children who have no family to support them and where reunification is not an option due to the safety of the child. We give our kids the chance to live happy and fulfilled lives as adults by providing Primary and Secondary Education as well as support with further study (university, trade school) based on what they want to do. We don’t stop supporting them just because they turn 18 years. This is a long-term commitment and we are excited to see our children grow into the exceptional adults we know they have the potential to become.

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