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Hundreds of thousands of kittens never born to suffer.

Hundreds of thousands of kittens and cats never needing to be rescued.

Hundreds of thousands fewer kittens and cats needing to be managed in our community.

How did this happen? More than 49,000 community cats from throughout our region spayed or neutered in our dedicated spay/neuter clinic.

Fewer cats in our community, fewer cats entering our shelters, fewer kittens born only to suffer and die. 

Your support helped make that happen. You are saving lives. You are preventing unimaginable suffering.

Nobody's Cats is dedicated to the welfare of community cats in our 15-county southcentral Pennsylvania region. Donate and vote to be part of our mission!

We add Votes for every $ you Donate

Every $1 you donate to The Nobody's Cats Foundation gets them 1 vote toward winning their grant category!