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Step Up For Mental Health® has been meeting the needs of our mission since 2017 in Chicago and Illinois via our helpline and finding local and national resources for families who reach out to us on a daily basis. We are a peer-to-peer advocacy group providing support, assistance, and education. Our helpline under our Step Up Assistance Program provides access to underserved families with populations dealing with mental health-related issues in the home, including poverty. Whether it’s an individual needing our 1:1 Peer Chat Support service, a caregiver supporting a child, parent, or spouse with a disorder and need assistance finding resources in their area, or helping an individual with educational mentoring to find a job or learn new tech skills via our Step Up Peer Training program, we are here to support families in need with mental health-related issues.

Providing Support and Services We know there are many misconceptions about how to best help family members understand and manage day-to-day challenges. We address many issues relating to mental health, including the impact on families, generational trauma due to racism, and the impact on kids and teens in school and at home dealing with mental health-related issues like poverty, hunger, homelessness, education, job loss, stigmas, and loneliness. This is the backbone of ensuring all families are thriving, getting served, or reaching for help and hope–no matter where you come from. We support all types of families, but we also know that families living in poverty often do not get the support they need. We are here to change that, one family at a time. 

Our Mission: Step Up For Mental Health’s mission is to support, educate and provide services to empower families living with the challenges of mental health disorders. We do this by providing a safe place to share stories and find support for others who are dealing with mental health disorders or caring for a family member with a mental illness. We believe that mental health issues impact social issues, including education, homelessness, and poverty. Step Up For Mental Health® strives to match families with resources to help move them toward a more productive life.

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