Sept 21 Grants Round

This grants round we’re giving up to $50,000 to the #20 charities with the most votes

Vote once a week and donate to your favorite charity whenever you want - we add an extra vote for every $1, even more for regular giving.  

Or chip in a few $'s and MyGivingCircle will feature them to get more votes and supporters.

$50 one-off donation = 50 Votes.

$50 regular giving = 250 votes (50 votes x 5) + 50 extra votes every month.

$20 pay to feature = 2,000 featured views to get more votes and supporters.


Grit & Grace Wildlife Rehabilitation Inc

#1,101 Charity
We are a 501c3 nonprofit group that specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation, and safe release of our native wildlife mammals. Read More

Greyhound Rescue Incorporated

#1,103 Charity
So many greyhounds are discarded from the racing industry with barely a thought, it’s the least we can do to honour their lives as worthwhile. They all deserve a loving... Read More

Fauna Rescue Whitsundays Association Inc

#1,104 Charity
MISSION STATEMENT Fauna Rescue Whitsunday’s mission is to provide a successful rescue and rehabilitation service for sick, injured and orphaned Australian wildlife, to help preserve our native wildlife and the... Read More

Life With Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary

#1,105 Charity
Life with Pigs Farm Animal Sanctuary provides forever homes to farm animals in need and compassion-filled educational experiences to the public. Read More

Graysland Animal Sanctuary

#1,106 Charity
A 501c3 non-profit which provides a safe place for rescue, rehabilitation & retirement for abused, neglected or abandoned farm animals. Read More

Save A Cow Foundation

#1,108 Charity
Save A Cow Foundation is Australia's leading advocate for bovine rights and largest cow sanctuary. Read More

Bali Pet Crusaders

#1,109 Charity
Provide highly subsidised and free spay and neuter for homeless and rescued local Bali dogs and cats and those owned by the poor community. Read More

Wild Things Rescue

#1,110 Charity
Registered charity in Lincolnshire focusing on rehabilitating sick and displaced wildlife with a focus on educating the public. Read More

Knox Blocks

#1,112 Charity
We provide families in need with a little peace of mind by donating Owlet Smart Socks. Read More

HAS Foundation

#1,113 Charity
We stand with them. Supporting them and creating moments of fun and laughter in the midst of their troubles. Read More

Second Chance Rescue NYC

#1,114 Charity
Making animals matter every second of the day, holistically. Read More

WildCats Animal Welfare

#1,117 Charity
WildCats rescue and rehome lost, abandoned, dumped and injured cats and kittens out on the streets of southeast Queensland. We've been doing this work since 2002 and registered as a... Read More

Able Australia Services

#1,121 Charity
Able Australia is a leading provider of disability services for adults and community supports for seniors. Read More

Hope Harbor

#1,122 Charity
Hope Harbor reconciles families who have been through hard places by offering tools to build safe, stable and nurturing relationships. Read More

Pacific Opera Company Limited

#1,123 Charity
We provide a launching pad for young Australians who are the potential international opera stars of the future. Read More