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Scarlets Grace Horse Sanctuary was created to love and care for any horse however, focuses on providing long-term care to elderly horses with the goal of giving quality end of life care. Here, unwanted horses are wanted. Every horse is a gift that deserves a happy ending and a safe place. The sanctuary is named for Scarlet Grace. She was my first horse and a long held dream come true! She was my saving grace at a difficult time in my life. She changed my life and with her I finally found that one true thing for which I was destined. As such, I have devoted my life to helping and loving as many horses as I can. This is what God created me to do. Scarlet Grace is the reason there is a sanctuary today, so it is only fitting that it carries her name. She is an angel with hooves. This page was created to share these beautiful horses with others and to hopefully inspire others to love and care for them too!

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