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At Renegade Paws Rescue we are aware that rescue is not going to solve the problems of companion animal killing in the south. We have taken a harm reduction and cooperation approach to rescue. We partner with other animal organizations and well as those that serve humans. We understand that people save animals and many time rescue does not think about the other end of the leash. We are out in our communities talking with people and helping them keep their pets in the home. We offer no barrier free spay and neuter as well as resources for training and food. We work closely with the homeless authority in Savannah to help the city's homeless population. We also work with the animal services to intervene when there is a potential for the animal not to be taken to the shelter and stay in the home. We offer food and wellness to these individuals. We also have a robust foster program. We support our fosters with not only supplies but our time and attention as well. We are an all inclusive rescue and we accept anyone who loves animals into our program.

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