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Protect Animals Worldwide rescues donkeys from being kidnapped in Brazil and sold off to China to be slaughtered for their skins. Donkey skins are needed to make a gelatin product called ejiao. Ejiao has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Our area is extremely poor, so locals seek to make easy money by taking donkeys off the streets, or stealing them from owners, and then sending them to Chinese buyers. 

PAW also rescues other critically injured homeless animals in Brazil, where the government treats their homeless animals worse than trash. We are notified of numerous animal abuse cases daily, and although it is unfortunately like this in many countries, Brazil does not have the laws to protect these animals’ rights. We aim to protect Brazil’s homeless animals by rescuing the injured and abused, and either providing them sanctuary for the rest of their lives, or adopting them out to loving homes. We have a sanctuary in Ceára to provide a home for the numerous unwanted and neglected horses and donkeys in that area.

We also rescue many, many injured dogs, almost on a daily basis with our partners in Paraná, and some cats as well. Dogs and donkeys are unfortunately seen everywhere on the streets, trying to survive, always hungry and searching for food and water. We hope to be able educate people about what animals endure in countries where their lives aren’t protected by laws.

Donations will not only allow us to be able to rescue more animals in need of medical attention, but they will also help with our basic monthly expenses needed to operate the sanctuary(feeding, vetting, farrier, property maintenance, animal transport, medication, spaying/neutering, gelding, etc).  The more support we have, the more rescues we can save and provide a safe home. 

Your vote mean the world to us and to our rescues! 

PAW is a registered 501(c)(3).

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