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We are a small team of professionals who dedicate our time and passion to help rescue and rehome Patterdale & Lakeland Terriers. We offer a more personalised service and we aim to respond to emails or messages within 24 hours.

Founded in 2018 we are a not-for-profit organisation who rely soley on donations.

Dogs adopted from Patterdale & Lakeland Terrier Rehome U.K come with 5 weeks FREE pet insurance - whatever their age.

With a lot of Terrier breeds many of our dogs come with some issues and can be quite difficult to place. So because we understand their traits and needs, we take rehomeable dogs into our care to find them experienced Terrier homes.

All of our team are Patterdale and/or Lakeland Terrier owners with over 30 years of experienced ownership, knowledge, fostering and rehoming.

We always have the dogs best interests at heart and will only place a dog into a home after our strict vetting procedures have been carried out. We thrive on making sure the home is right for the dog, so they can live happily in their forever home and all their needs are taken care of.

We follow up our rehomed dogs, making sure they are comfortable and offer support and guidance to any new owner. Plus we offer 100% Rescue Back Up and will always take a dog back into our care, to ensure the safety of the dog for the rest of his/her life.

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