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We take in parrots who are unable to live with their owners for whatever reason. Parrots can live up to 80 yrs. and most will have multiple homes. We provide a safe & soft landing spot as they move from 1 home to the next. We also receive abused & neglected birds from confiscations by law enforcement. We provide enrichment, vet care, proper diet & housing and disease testing as well as love while they are in our care. Education is a large part of what we do. People purchase these beautiful creatures without knowing the full requirements & commitment they require. We offer free help with behavioral issues, emergency fostering forbids of victims of domestic abuse, attend community events to spread awareness, have a newsletter that provides educational information and with every person who walks into our facility. Our monthly food bill is up to $2,000, toys cost about $1,000, perches cages must be bought throughout the year as they wear out quickly. A Macaw cage cost $500 for 1 bird, small bird cages are about $200. Our last cage replacement bill was $10,000 and that did not include all of the cages being replaced. These creatures require hours of one on one attention to keep them happy & healthy which means many volunteer hours are needed. We serve the entire state of FL and are a 100% volunteer 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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