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Old School's purpose is to relieve conditions attributable to being aged, including social isolation and other mental or physical health conditions by providing intergenerational programs that foster interaction between seniors and young people in schools and in the community, such as arts workshops, pen-pals projects, and performances. In addition, Old School strives to advance the public’s appreciation of and accessibility to the arts by providing high-quality artistic performances in public places, senior citizens' homes, churches, community centers, and educational institutions.

Our current projects include:

By the Sea - a musical, sensory, and theatre experience created for people living with dementia and their carers/loved ones.

Pen Pal Project - facilitated between grade six students and residents at seniors residences with in-classroom facilitators teaching students more about the challenges of aging.

Music Together - mixed aged classes and generations classes (for ages 0-5, guardians, and new grandfriends!)

Creative Communities - with the Old School Bus (a programming space) facilitators will guide people on how to include intergenerational arts activities in smaller communities.

Skill Sharing - community members, young and old, share their expertise to people young and old!

Why intergenerational programs are needed:

- Newfoundland and Labrador's population is aging and greater social resources need to be allocated to this generation.

- Young people are leaving the province and their older family members often stay behind without an immediate connection to younger generations.

- Young people are facing greater interpersonal and social difficulties due to the presence of technology in their lives.

- As we welcome new Canadians to the province, children are often disconnected from extended family members living elsewhere.

- Older adults are struggling to keep abreast of societal and technological changes in their own communities.

- There is no intergenerational arts programming currently offered in our province.

Benefits of arts programming for young and old:

- Increases confidence and self-esteem

- Enables social-emotional learning

- Inspires feelings of accomplishment

- Improves physical health such as coordination, joint mobility, breathing control, etc.

- Increases participation in other daily activities

- Positively transforms attitudes

- Breaks down internal and external stigmas about aging and abilities

- Creates social contact and friendships

- Raises expectations in other aspects of life

- Validates each individual's contributions and experiences

- Provides an outlet for thought, exploration, and play

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