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Not-for-profit charity New Beginnings is expert at the provision of programs for Youth Prevention and Early Intervention. Recognised for innovation at an international conference on youth prevention (Sweden 2010), and as Finalist in the 2017 Telstra Business Awards (Charities category). Our organisation's programs have been proven to be highly effective at  at imparting sound community principles, plus information and knowledge allowing program participants to become contributing members of their communities, whilst also deterring children from becoming involved in anti-social behaviour (e.g. bullying, vandalism, youth crime, etc.). Over 45,000 of Queensland's most vulnerable children and young people have had life turnarounds as a result of these programs. More needs to be done to stop further deterioration in our children's values and behaviour and involvement in prevent youth crime. Our charity relies solely on donations and fundraising. Please support us with your donations to help create meaningful change in our modern society.

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