Malawi Water Project Cover Photo

We really need your help to expand into remote areas of Malawi Africa. The Malawi Water Project provides clean water by:  training local villagers to construct biosand water filters, repairing water wells (boreholes) and providing training on borehole repair, training on proper sanitation and hygiene. 

Clean water along with training on proper sanitation and hygiene is so critical to maintain health in families, especially the health of children under 5. Clean water resulting in the elimination of water borne diseases results in a reduction in poverty. We are becoming overwhelmed by calls for help to provide training in remote rural areas. T

The activities that you fund will result in clean water for families. Water wells will be repaired, household biosand water filters will be constructed and used by families and health standards in villages will be improved through the establishment and training of Community Health Clubs. Your help is critical to save lives. 

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