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Shelby Tilley, started this organization in early 2021, as a means to help provide love, shelter, and good health for street dogs, and local dogs in need. Globally, we’ve seen an increase in overpopulation in terms of street dogs since the beginning of the pandemic. Shelters both locally and abroad are overflowing with unwanted pets. With overcrowding in shelters, comes unnecessary euthanasia for many very well-rounded, adoptable pets. Our mission is to save as many dogs (and cats) as possible from unwarranted death.

Our Motto is All Breeds, No Borders.

What that means to us: 

Animals' lives matter, and we're committed to ensuring the saving the lives of as many endangered within our means. Where they're located should never matter, an animal in need is an animal in need. 

Our name is inspired by rock'n'roll intentionally. We are the underdog crew of humans, who've decided to roll up our sleeves and work together to make a difference - for the underdogs. 

Since launching this organization, Bark at the Moon Animal Rescue has saved over 90 animals. This is an incredible accomplishment for a rescue that is just a little over 9 months old. 

Our team has since grown tremendously, with over 26 team members, and tons of fosters, volunteers, and supporters. Together, we can make a huge impact for many animals in need. 

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Every $1 you donate to Bark at the Moon Animal Rescue gets them 1 vote toward winning their grant category!

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