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Sarcomas are the forgotten cancers in that they have a very poor prognosis, with 50% mortality within 5 years of diagnosis. Moreover, they account for 15-20% of all childhood cancers. The treatment is long arduous and often ineffective, with most young adults ending up as amputees, struggling with body image if they survive. Our Foundation addressed these issues in 2 ways. 1) We have established a Sarah-Grace Sarcoma PhD award programme, through which we are conducting research, at the John Curtin School of Medical Research (JCSMR) at the Australian National University, in order to find newer and better therapies, with which to treat sarcomas. The research has currently discovered 3 molecules which can block sarcoma metastases, and are currently being trialled on a model in Australia and will soon be tried in Singapore too. We are nearly there in finding a cure. 2) We also raise sarcoma awareness through schools and sporting teams, using bright green neon shoe laces, in order to facilitate early diagnosis. with this approach, we hope to reduce the impact of sarcoma by 20% in five years. 3) With our support groups we help young people though body image issues with our mentoring programme and encourage participation in competitive sport, as well as working with magazines and other media in order to help build their self esteem. Please help us finalise our research to find a cure due to the mortality being so high. Our research is also being done at a very prestigious institution, at ANU in Australia, which boasts 5 Nobel prize winners, including the Founder of the research institution Paul Jenner and the current vice chancellor, Brian Schmidt and therefore have a very high success rate in research. We are also 100% volunteer run and therefore 90% of our donations go to research.

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