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There are many stray animals in Turkey, particularly dogs, and simply not enough resources in place to help them live comfortably and stop them from reproducing. Injuries don't get treated, females have multiple births on the street, and dumping of puppies and dogs in remote areas is widespread.

KAPSA helps stop this. 

Working in Kalkan and the surrounding villages, KAPSA......

  • operates a Trap, Neuter and Return sterilisation programme for cats and dogs, 
  • provides veterinary treatment for the many traffic injuries we see, 
  • treats poisonings, illnesses particularly distemper, parvo and cat flu, 
  • provides food to locals during the winter months to feed the street animals, 
  • rehabilitates and rehomes the street dogs.

The call on our small band of volunteers for help, grows daily. More and more animals need our help, and you can do your bit by supporting us to do this. Please vote for us and help us continue our work.

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