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HugABull is a registered non-profit committed to rescue, advocacy and outreach for block-headed dogs. We advocate for the responsible ownership of all breeds and for evidence-based, breed-neutral laws in our communities. We provide outreach to communities that do not have access to resources and provide no-cost spay and neuters, basic vet care and much needed food and supplies. We are located in the Lower Mainland; however, we currently serve the entire province of British Columbia. Our adoption program is at the core of what we do. We partner with local shelters as well as private rescue organizations to take dogs from situations in which they are not thriving. We often take in medical cases, challenging behavioural cases and special needs dogs that benefit from our hands-on foster program. Since our establishment in 2003, we have matched over 1000 breed ambassadors to wonderful homes. In addition to our adoption program, we also cultivate a community of responsible dog owners. Through outreach programs in our communities and by providing public education around responsible ownership, positive training methods and safe interactions with dogs, we are working hard to change the misconceptions around bully breeds. As a completely volunteer-run organization, all donations made to HugABull go directly towards the dogs in our care and to supporting programs that provide outreach and assistance in our communities. DONATE TODAY and help our blockheaded friends on their journey to a better life. WWW.HUGABULL/DONATETOHUGABULL

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