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English Barn cats help save and re home stray and feral cats that humans have either mistreated or just thrown out when they have become Ill or even pregnant.

It is a hard life on the street for these cats fighting for the local female and trying to survive which most of them do become ill or injured spending years on the streets in these harsh winters.

We are picking more and more cats up daily with serious illnesses and injuries or females having kittens outside ,cats who are that covered in fleas that they are lethargic as the fleas have sucked nearly all the blood out of the poor cat this cat needs blood transfusions  ,some with horrendous diarrhoea and an 8 month old kitten with his leg hanging off these are just a couple we have taken in so far costing thousand of pounds which we are trying to use fundraisers to try and chip away at this vet bill.

We are full to bursting and cannot take any more cats in but then another emergency comes in how can we decide which emergency is the severe this is the question we have to ask ourselves daily which is an awful question to answer when there are so many on our waiting lists but without the funds what more can we do.

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