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With your support, we can invest and support rural cooperatives and schools in Malawi and Sri Lanka. 1. Cooperatives - We help rural villages form or scale up cooperatives that can help them address development challenges in their region. For instance, we've helped establish community banks to address financial inclusion and agricultural cooperatives to allow farmers to command better prices for their produce and access a wider range of markets. 2. Schools - We work with rural schools to improve student and staff well-being. We focus on the adoption of permaculture, a design science for sustainability, as a means to help schools become more sustainable. .Outcomes of our work with schools involve the establishment or oganic food gardens to establish school-run meal programs and raise funds, the construction of composting toilets, access to solar electricity and rainwater harvesting systems for water. This is how we are transferring practical sustainability knowledge and skills that impacts multiple generations and is often taken home into the local community, resulting in a ripple effect. As we are volunteer-run in Australia, you can be assured that at least 95 cents of every dollar goes towards training, investing and supporting our partner communities in Malawi.

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