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Kats cats retirement rescue

We are a small cat rescue located in North Hull. We take in all cats young and old male and female although we are currently trying to remove as many stray entire males from the streets of Hull as possible these poor boys lead terrible lives at risk of fighting... Read More

Animal support angels

We help any animal in need without question we also provide food to any rescue that needs help Read More

One Bun At A Time

We help 'at risk' rabbits & guinea pigs get to the safety of a good Rescue Read More

North Clwyd Animal Rescue

Rescue, rehome and care for abandoned animals and find them new loving homes Read More

Fox Angels Foundation

Foxangels Foundation is a non-profit organisation, with its sanctuary based in a secret UK location. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release as many foxes as possible.  Unfortunately, there are some foxes who cannot go back into their natural habitat, so they will stay in our care forever.  These... Read More

Wings and Paws

We rescue, rehome and take care of sick, unwanted or lost animals. We make sure we find them their forever home where they will be loved and taken care of... Read More

Bird Aid

We feek we offer both our user groups the gulls and the vulnerable isolated adults a chance to thrive Read More

Coventry Cats Protection

Coventry Branch was started in 1954 as part of a national charity. the branch cares for between 50 and 100 cats and kittens at any one time until they can be placed in a new home. The branch is run entirely by a team of dedicated volunteers. Read More

Valkyrie Wilderness Workshops

Valkyrie Wilderness Workshops provides peer support to veterans and vulnerable community members through outdoor and practical activities. Voting for Valkyrie to win a share of this funding will help us to renew equipment and invest in the development of our organisation so that we can continue to provide support to... Read More

Romanian Rescue Appeal UK

RRA aims to make a difference to dog rescue in Romania. We take a systemic approach and add value to each step of the chain that brings these dogs from the deprivation on the streets in Romania, to living long healthy lives in loving homes in the UK. We carry... Read More

The Ark Animal Rescue & Retirement Home, Lincolnshire

We take in animals for care, rehoming and and retirement if homes can't be found. Read More

Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue

We treat and rescue all UK wildlife such as badgers, foxes, bats, hedgehogs, weasels, dormice, birds of prey, snakes and gardens birds Read More

The Berkshire Animal Connection Centre

At The Berkshire Animal Connection Centre, the animals that live here are here for a reason. This reason may be that they have been rescued from a troubling situation and they need to live out the rest of their days in peace in an environment conducive to their rehabilitation and... Read More

Swinnow Community Centre

Swinnow Community Centre is a non-for profit organization, run solely by volunteers. We are in a low-income area and rely on grants and donations to keep our centre running. We are starting a lunch club on a Wednesday, this lunch club will be for the elderly, disabled and socially isolated.... Read More

Orpington Cat Rescue

We maybe a small charity but we have endless open arms helping cats and kittens in need. Working round the clock with rescuing, trapping, treatment, fostering, rehabilitation for  rehoming to a safe environment. We never turn cats away regardless of age or illnesses. Some are adopted and those with ongoing... Read More

Jodie's Cyprus Dogs Rehoming

Our aim is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome dogs from the UK and abroad giving them a second chance. Read More