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Children First Foundation (CFF) is an Australian based charity. We facilitate life-changing, sometimes life-saving, surgery in Australia for disadvantaged children from developing countries. These children are unable to access the medical care that they need, as the complex, and often multiple surgical procedures required, are not possible in their own countries. There may be a lack of equipment, skilled surgeons or suitable facilities for the child to receive the care they need. At Children First Foundation we believe that where a child is born should not impact their right to be given the best chance live a healthy and happy life and we hope that you do too. Any donations that we receive ultimately allows more children access to the life-changing surgery they need. Even where surgical care is provided completely pro-bono, we still need to cover costs such as international and domestic travel expenses, food and supplies for children and carers, rehab and pre/post-surgical costs such as blood tests and x-rays etc. As CFF is not eligible to receive government funding, we rely on the generosity of donors to support these children. Thanks to generous donors we have supported over 350 children to access the medical care they need and to return to their homes and families healthier, happier and with renewed hope for their futures.

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