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Chasing Rainbows equine rescue and sanctuary

We are a non profit 503c organization that takes in large animals that are surrendered  or rescued from the slaughter pipeline or removed from abusive, neglected situations. We run totally on donations from our Facebook, social media including tick tok followers. At the rescue we have them assessed by our team of volunteers and vet and provide care the need. Weather that be putting weight back on them, medical attention, dental care, and hoof care. We provide it. But most of all we provide love, trust and care that they have not know for some time. We help them learn that people can be loving and caring. We watch the spark return to their eyes and their body. Then we help them find their forever homes. Our sanctuary horses live the rest of their lives with us and we love them until we need to set them free over the rainbows bridge. All awhile we love them and remember the piece of us they took with them.

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